7-12 Teachers: Be the First to Test NLP’s checkology™ Virtual Classroom | The News Literacy Project

For a limited time, NLP is offering premium-level access to this exciting new e-learning environment for free to teachers who qualify for one of our mini-grants.

Source: www.thenewsliteracyproject.org

Needed: Middle and High School teachers interested in information fluency, critical thinking and digital citizenship.


NLP is currently accepting applications from 7th-12th grade teachers to pilot the virtual classroom at no cost. The pilot begins on September 12 and runs through the end of the 2016. The e-learning assets are aligned with Common Core State Standards and NLP provides comprehensive teacher training and support. The unit requires at least 12-15 student hours online in a 1:1 setting, such as a computer lab or laptop classroom. Teachers without 1:1 capability are free to register for basic (one-to-many) access.


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