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8 Online Games for Inspiring Students

Eight brilliant online games that can engage, inspire and equip students with the tools and ambition to approach a whole host of exciting careers and paths.

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Compassion and Resilience

David DeSteno: Compassion is a state to be cultivated. The ability to foster social bonds through aiding others, though taking effort in the short term, is what makes us, both as individuals and as societies, more resilient in the long term.

The past decade has witnessed an explosion of research confirming that what the Dalai Lama said is correct: “Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” 

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E-Learning Certificate Program: Badges!

In this issue…
1. Digital and Open Badges for Teaching and Training
2. Tech Tip: Top Sticky Note Apps for Student Collaboration 
3. You’re the First to Find Out… 
    Dates for January, February and March 2014 Online Classes

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The Potential and Value of Using Digital Badges for Adult Learners | LINCS

This report examines the nature, value, and potential impact of digital badges, an emerging electronic form of recognition of an individual’s knowledge and skills.

Jonathan Finkelstein, Credly
Erin Knight, Mozilla Foundation
Susan Manning, University of Wisconsin
Author(s) Organizational Affiliation: 
American Institutes for Research

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

It’s great to see Susan Manning, one of the great teachers in our E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program, publishing on Digital Badging.   Her class on Using Games for Learning and Assessment uses Credly as a reward structure so that you learn what badging is and how it works. 

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David Jakes: Midwest Google Summit

David Jakes: The keynote takes me into new territory, and is a reflection of my new work at The Third Teacher Plus and Cannon Design in Chicago.  It’s a brand new presentation, which can be interesting in front of a large audience, but its something I’ve done before and enjoy.   It’s my belief that an audience should hear your most current beliefs and ideas in a keynote, and that it should be an honest conversation with the audience.  If the delivery is not perfect, that’s ok, because ultimately, the ideas are the most important thing.

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

David’s a terrific thinker with a world of experience.  Go if you have a chance!

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Florida Institute of Technology: Online Adjunct

Candidates are sought with a specialization in the following area:
PhD in Information Systems

Florida Institute of Technology is seeking candidates for adjunct faculty positions to teach online graduate courses in Global Information Technology Management.

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Can Cyber-citizenship Tame the Digital ‘Wild West’?

As social media continues its tsunami of teenage emotions, unfiltered comments and inappropriate pictures, I hope more of us are ready to engage in our children’s digital lives. (Can Cyber-citizenship Tame the Digital ‘Wild West’?

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