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e-Jobs: Freelance Instructional Designer – Sara Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College’s Office of Graduate & Professional Studies is looking for freelance instructional designers located in the New York metropolitan area who have experience in developing both eLearning (self-paced modules) and online/blended courses, preferably in Canvas).


The key is your portfolio. If you’ve got the experience and can show what you know… go for it. 


How Students Can Use Timeline Infographics in the Classroom

As a foreign language teacher, I am always looking for innovative ways to allow my students to demonstrate what they have learned.

I want students to be able to choose a tool that brings out their creative side and, as a result, leads to a more authentic and meaningful learning experience.

Because learning a language can be difficult, I try to design a variety of activities and projects that will provide students with practice and unique opportunities to develop their language skills through the creation of their projects.


Clever use of infographics — another way for your students to show what they know.

Dani Babb: The HLC’s Measure for “Qualified Faculty” Is About to Change: But Is It Better? | Online Teaching Blog | Blog

So how can you prepare? Look at the institutions you work for and determine which courses you’re best suited to specific to your degree. Have that information available if you’re asked to provide it. Thoroughly document your degrees and relevant experience both in your CV and in the form you may get from your college asking for information.


Here’s another excellent article from Dani Babb. It will help you understand the complexities of ‘qualifying’ for an online teaching job.  To learn more visit UW-Stout’s E-Learning and Online Teaching Career Center.

MVLRI Webinar: The Journal Article Review Process – 11/30 at 2pm EST

The Journal Article Review Process
Wednesday, 11/30/16, 2pm EST

  • Ray Rose, Rose & Smith Associates; Texas Distance Learning Association
  • Leanna Archambault, Arizona State University
  • Michael Barbour, Touro University
  • Jered Borup, George Mason University
  • Susan Lowes, Columbia University


No registration is required. Attendees are encouraged to participate in our webinar sessions using the text chat window. We also encourage attendees to chat on Twitter using #MVLRIchat.

Connectivism – the knowledge of the connected individual

Knowledge is everywhere. In a mobile phone, a fitness tracker and our brains. Not a science fiction film but the learning theory of connectivism. Recently over a coffee


20 years of teaching from inside a computer makes connectivism self-evident (to me). 😎

Bullying and Cyberbullying in Schools Online Course University of Wisconsin-Stout

EDUC 656 Bullying and Cyberbullying in Schools

Online Course 2 semester hours graduate credit
Instructor: Shannon Mersand
Spring: EDUC 656 930 January 17 – February 24, 2017


This important and timely class helps you create a safe learning environment for your students. Learn how to prevent bullying in both face to face and online settings.


This course is a must for new and veteran educators who wish to get new ideas to build positive, safe and respectful school cultures.

eJobs; Teach Drama and Theater Online

Job Functions

  • Teaches Drama/Theater courses online
  • Provides interactive course instruction
  • Prepares exams and assignments
  • Evaluates students
  • Interacts with other faculty
  • Communicates with students outside of the classroom
  • Attends occasional department meetings and trainings as needed

Required Qualifications

MA or MFA degree in Drama or Theatre, or a Master’s degree with 18 graduate hours in Drama.


Teach Drama and Theater online — great job if you have the skill set.

5 Tools to Convert and Edit The PDF Format

There are a number of tools that make working with PDFs a lot easier. Starting with a simple way to convert files, we feature five PDF related tools.


Here’s some help if you need to wrestle with the PDF format.

Game On! Explore Games and Learning

Games-based learning, gamification, and game style elements are perfect partners for training, K-12 and higher education courses, and corporate marketing strategies.


Games engage learners in a way that lectures and tests miss.  Learn more about it all by clicking through the goodies in Shannon Mersand’s fine article.