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eLearning Africa 2013 / International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training.

International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training. An Annual Event for Building eLearning Capacities in Africa.

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6 Things Teachers Do to Flip the Classroom

Get 6 Real World Examples of a Flipped Classroom from Subject Experts.

The Flipped Classroom model is changing the ways students learn and teachers teach. When you flip your classroom, you offer your students rich, engaging material to consider at home, and you use class time to help them interact with the ideas. Lecturing during class time is minimized and students have a teacher nearby when they are doing work and most likely to need guidance.

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

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Become an Evernote Power User and Final Call for Late June and July Online Courses at UW-Stout

UW-Stout Online Tech Tips Newsletter
May 30, 2013
Editor: Karen Franker
In this issue…
Evernote Tips for Project Management, Organization, and Assessment
Tech Tip: Become an Evernote Power User: 10 Must-Know Tips 
Tech Tip: Evernote Search Features You Should Be Using 
Final Call for Late June and July Online Courses with a Few Openings


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    Think-Know Tools: An Online Learning Community Facilitated by Howard Rheingold

    Think-know Tools dives into both the theoretical-historical background of intellect augmentation and the practical skills of personal knowledge management. Now that we have access to powerful mind-amplifying devices and self-evolving collective intelligence networks, we can benefit ourselves and improve the commons by learning how knowledge technologies work and how to work them:

    • Modules on Roots & Visions of Augmentation and The Extended Mind establish a conceptual-theoretical-empirical basis for understanding and discussing both the origin and future of tools specifically devised to magnify thinking capabilities and group problem-solving capacity.
    • Modules on Social BookmarkingConcept Mapping, and Personal Knowledge Management introduce practical tools and practices for finding, storing, refining, sharing, exploring knowledge.
    • Learning activities include group bookmarking as focused collective intelligence, concept map-making for understanding systems, construction of knowledge-plexes with Personal Brain.

    Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

    Taking an online course from Howard will be a memorable experience: 

    Think-Know Tools


    A six week course using asynchronous forums, blogs, wikis, mindmaps, social bookmarks, concept maps, Personal Brain,  and synchronous audio, video, chat, and Twitter


    Cost for individuals is 300 dollars US or 500 dollars if employer reimburses — via Paypal. Class cohort limited to 30 learners. If you are interested in signing up, contact

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    What is online reputation management? (video, Tony de Bree)

    One of the most often asked questions online is ‘what is online reputation management?’. In this new type of video, an ‘infographics video’, that question is… (RT @tonydebree: What is online reputation management?

    Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

    Short video about online reputation for brands. 

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