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Design and Develop an Online Course

CITL presents these “Online Course-in-a-Box” resources to faculty and instructors who are tasked with developing their own online course with minimal campus support. Online Course-in-a-Box includes online education best practices and the research that supports those best practices, along with templates and other helpful guides.


The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning offers this very useful set of resources to anyone tasked with creating an online class.  Don’t miss it! 


Evaluation Instruments and Good Practices in Online Education | Baldwin | Online Learning

After a review of the literature, twenty-eight evaluation instruments currently used to design and review online courses in higher education institutions were collected and divided into categories, based on geographical reach and the type of institution for which they were developed. This study investigates how evaluation instruments used in higher education assess the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education, and what other items are addressed in the evaluation of courses


This is a research paper comparing 28 different evaluation instruments for assessing online courses.  

Adjunct Faculty – Early Childhood Education job with Waubonsee Community College | 1427710

Adjunct Faculty – Early Childhood Education in with Waubonsee Community College. Apply Today.


Love of children’s literature and online teaching skills will help you land this job.

e-Jobs: Online – Humanities Faculty – HigherEdJobs

Master’s degree in Humanities or a Master’s degree with 18 graduate semester hours in the discipline from a regionally accredited educational institution.
Applied or practical work experience preferred; 2 years teaching or presentation experience a plus.
Comfortable with technology and its integration in the classroom.
Strong academic and professional record.
Experience in a student-centric and hands-on learning environment.


If you have a Humanities Master’s Degree and want to teach online, here’s one for you!

Maryellen Weimer, PhD: A Memo to My Students as the New Semester Begins

To: My Students
From: Your Teacher
Re: A Better Learning Experience

This is just a brief note to let you know how committed I am to making this a good course. But I can’t do my best teaching without your help. So, I thought I’d share a list of things you can do that will make this a better experience for all of us.


What a fine way to set the tone at the beginning of the school year. Build a safe community of practice with a welcome letter like this. 

The Top 15 Traits Educators Need To Teach Successfully Online

What do you think it takes to be an online educator? Here are some replies from teachers and students who shared their vision from the US as well as internationally.


I bet you already have the traits needed to teach online. Check out this list of dispositions that help an online teacher to thrive. 

The Conversion of a Skeptic: My Journey into Online Teaching, Part I

The changes began to express themselves a number of years ago in the simple reality of plummeting enrollments in each of my courses, sufficient enough to place them in danger of cancellation. My academic specialty and the program in which I teach — Judaic studies — is by nature a “niche” field, perennially challenged by modest enrollment. More recently, however, some other dynamic was clearly at work. The problem was easily enough diagnosed as having to do with an increased student demand for online learning; my program had never offered courses in this format, and I had personally determined never to entertain the idea, even as a remote option.


Here’s one teacher’s story about his journey into online teaching.  His first break through is learning how short video lectures might help me connect with his online students. 

What is a Personal Learning Network?

As an educator, it’s important to understand everything that shapes your students’ education, both inside and outside of the classroom. You’re trained to study lesson plans and develop learning strategies and abide by district-wide standards. But what about your own development as an educator? What rules exist to help you maintain your professional growth?


Professional networks help you grow as a teacher. They are also an indispensable element for any online teacher seeking to grow a career.