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Practical Tips to Aid New Faculty Members | Online Teaching Guest Blog | Blog

When training and developing new faculty, words like best practices, pedagogy/andragogy, student engagement, and retention are bandied about quite a bit. While these things are important and certainly need to be addressed, I find new faculty also need to know more practical aspects of what it means to teach for any given college or university. No matter the subject matter taught, navigating various collegiate landscapes can become difficult and confusing, especially when adjuncting at a variety of institutions. So, what do new faculty need to know during this time of adjustment?


This article will help program directors build a safety net cradle the concerns of the online teaching staff. Great tips for managers! 


Adjunct Faculty – History – Social Science – Online

Adjunct Faculty – History – Social Science – Online


Master’s Degree from a nationally, regionally or identified at the state level accredited institution of higher education, with 18 graduate hours in History is required. Programs should be from a research based university. In addition, graduate coursework must align with History courses listed in the CTC college catalog


Teach History online for this Texas based school.

Interactive Video – Key Tools For an Immersive Learning Experience

In this article, we will walk you through the features of some of the interactive video tools that can take learning experience to a different level. Also we have included, at the end, a feature comparison table for the various tools.


This tool review article should spark some ideas on how to make your videos more effective. 

First-Year Teachers More Confident in Tech but Use It Less Than Experienced Teachers — THE Journal

New data from a survey of more than 37,000 educators revealed that first-year teachers aren’t using tech in the classroom as much as their more experienced colleagues even though they have a higher opinion of their own technological abilities.


New teachers need technology integration training (even if they don’t know it). 

Technology Tips Newsletter – Making Group Projects Work

Check out the favorite tips and tricks for implementing successful group projects in k-12, university and work settings.


Groups are great… when they work. Improve your understanding of how to make groups work by reading the useful resources in this UW-Stout newsletter.

State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Spring 2017 Edition –

This data source provides historical and current measures of institutional adoptions, allowing new insights into how the market has worked and current trends.


This infographic shows the growth of various LMS over the years. Important for those thinking about acquiring an LMS or changing from their current system. 

How to Get Started Writing a Branching Scenario for Learning

In a recent conversation, a colleague asked, “Once you and your client have agreed on a branching scenario approach, how do you get started writing it? How do you get from the broad concept of training on X topic to actually creating the scenario?”


Designing a branching scenario is a significant challenge. This concise article will help you organize your thinking. 

e-Jobs: CCCOnline Instructor – General Biology

CCCOnline seeks qualified part-time instructors to teach fully online courses in General Biology. Reporting to the program chair, as an adjunct instructor you would share your skills and knowledge to prepare CCCOnline students for successful careers. Using a master course template that follows Quality Matters (QM) design standards, you would personalize the course and supplemental content to provide a robust online learning experience to our students. You would also enjoy the flexibility of working from home and receive support in the form of professional development opportunities, access to an extensive library of resources, a teaching excellence program, and a community of colleagues.


Got Biology? Here’s an opportunity to teach online for someone with the right mix of subject matter expertise and online teaching ability. 

UCI Launches Connected Learning Lab

The Connected Learning Lab (CLL) is dedicated to studying and mobilizing learning  technologies in equitable,  innovative, and learner-centered ways. Located at the University of California, Irvine, the CLL supports interdisciplinary research and design, and partnerships with a broad network of educational practitioners and technologists. The CLL’s focus is defined by the “connected” in connected learning, which refers to both social relationships and emerging digital and networked technologies.


UC Irvine is a respected and credible source of information. This new resource demands attention.

Online Teaching Jobs: Life as an Adjunctpreneur ®

Online Teaching Jobs can be incredibly rewarding. We love the opportunity to work with diverse, professional adult students who are immersed in their fields and looking to better themselves and further their career.


To live the online teacher’s life you have to be both a business manager and a teacher.