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Blackboard / Moodle / Brightspace (D2L) Insight on LMS buying

This month, Eduventures released our comprehensive report on Learning Management Systems (LMS). In writing this Deep Dive on the most discussed segment of the education technology market, we wanted to go beyond simply reviewing shifts in market share to shed some light on why so many institutions have been switching vendors. In order to do this, we reviewed over 20 different LMS platforms and met with the vendors to gain insight into their product roadmaps and ask some tough questions about why they are winning (and losing) clients.


As an online instructor I have my preferences when it comes to an LMS.  As an online instructor I have no input on the LMS I have to drive. When it comes to learning management software, I follow Stephen Stills lyrics  “Love the one you’re with…”.

Online Labs: the time is now

Even as online courses proliferate on campus, those programs face a challenge: How do you give students access to high-octane software and big data sets they need for their classes when they can’t simply walk into a computer lab on campus and log in?


Preparing your students for the real world actually means going beyond the conventional hands on lab. Using the current power tools in the cloud preps them for their future.  

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies – Cult of Pedagogy

When I worked with student teachers on developing effective lesson plans, one thing I always asked them to revise was the phrase “We will discuss.”

We will discuss the video.

We will discuss the story.

We will discuss our results.

Every time I saw it in a lesson plan, I would add a  note: “What format will you use? What questions will you ask? How will you ensure that all students participate?” I was pretty sure that We will discuss actually meant the teacher would do most of the talking; He would throw out a couple of questions like “So what did you think about the video?” or “What was the theme of the story?” and a few students would respond, resulting in something that looked  like a discussion, but was ultimately just a conversation between the teacher and a handful of extroverted students; a classic case of Fisheye Teaching.

The problem wasn’t them; in most of the classrooms where they’d sat as students, that’s exactly what a class discussion looked like. They didn’t know any other “formats.” I have only ever been familiar with a few myself. But when teachers began contacting me recently asking for a more comprehensive list, I knew it was time to do some serious research.


Online Teaching Jobs: Cold-Calling Deans or Administrators to Get Professor Jobs

Recently we noticed a trend – we had a few clients (those looking for on-ground and online jobs) ask us to help them locate a dean or human resources rep at a school they wanted to work for, and they fired off a cold-call email introducing themselves and attaching their CV and transcripts – old-school style.


Something to think about.  IF you have narrowed your focus and know where you want to teach, this might be one way to land a new job.