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Program Advisor E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program University of Wisconsin Stout

e-Jobs: Online Professor for Fine and Applied Art and Design

Terminal degree in fine art or related art and design field
Ability to work with students and faculty of diverse backgrounds
College-level teaching experience preferred
Experience with Adobe Creative Suite preferred


Combine your finely honed art and design skills with online teaching to land this job. 

About Us: The University of Wisconsin-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program specializes in highly personalized, discussion-based training in how to teach online. 

Instructional Design for Mobile Learning – Canvas Network | Free online courses | MOOCs Starts May 4, 2015

This course introduces participants to instructional design principles for teaching with mobile technology. Mobile technology is a growing and powerful trend; what opportunities does this trend present to those who design online learning? How can we leverage the affordances of mobile technology in ways that make sense for our teaching methods and student learning?


Great topic taught within the Canvas MOOC Network.

How Writers Write Poetry 2015 – Canvas Network | Free online courses | MOOCs

How Writers Write Poetry 2015 offers an interactive progression through the principles and practice of writing poetry. The course presents a curated collection of short, intimate talks on craft by two dozen acclaimed poets writing in English. Craft topics include persona, notebooking, the line, the turn, form, and the lyric. The talks are designed for beginning poets just starting to put words on a page as well as for advanced poets looking for new entry points, engagement with process, or teaching tips. The course will be taught by Professor Christopher Merrill, International Writing Program Director, poet, and translator; and Camille Rankine, poet, Assistant Director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Manhattanville College, and editorial director of The Manhattanville Review.


The University of Iowa is well known for writing instruction.  As a writing teacher, why not write with the help of the Massive, Open, Online Class?

Online/Remote Adjunct Economics Bethel University College of Professional Studies

Bethel University College of Professional Studies is seeking candidates for Adjunct Faculty to teach Economics in the Bachelor of Science degree program delivered online. 

To be considered, one must have a Master’s degree in Economics or related field with18 hours in the disciplined area. Teaching experience in higher education is required. 


A master’s degree and some college teaching experience could get you started teaching online.  ( E-learning experience will always be a plus.)

About Us: The University of Wisconsin-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program specializes in highly personalized, discussion-based training in how to teach online. 

On the Edge: Corinthian Colleges Inc. to Close

On a ‘Knife Edge’

Pressure to hold education companies accountable seems likely to continue. Mr. Mitchell, who is the department’s top higher-education official, signaled as much in his post on Sunday. What Corinthian students experienced “is unacceptable,” he wrote, and department officials “look forward to working with Congress in an effort to improve accountability and transparency in the career-college industry.”

Kevin Kinser, an associate professor at the State University of New York at Albany who studies for-profit colleges, said Corinthian’s precipitous fall from where the company was a few years ago “shows the knife edge that for-profit higher education is on.”

For-profit colleges “need a supportive regulatory environment to thrive,” Mr. Kinser wrote in an email to The Chronicle. “When that is gone, they don’t seem to have a lot of residual support to sustain their activities.”


Before you borrow money to finance your education do the research. Don’t get cut by corporate for-profit schools that help you max out your loans while over promising on job placements. 

Do the research.