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Check Out The New Edudemic Magazine App! | Edudemic

The new, totally redesigned, all-new Edudemic Magazine iPad app is now available. It’s a huge update that took quite awhile to fully realize. The good news is that it should fix every single bug that cropped up in previous versions.

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Need Screenshots for Your E-Learning? Here Are 3 Tools That You Already Own. » The Rapid eLearning Blog

Screenshots and elearning go hand-in-hand. I use them for a lot of my software training. I also use them almost daily for project reviews. It’s easy to create a quick screen grab and then add a few notes. I also use screenshots when I run across a template or idea that I may want to use in a future elearning course. Just grab an image and save it in my ideas folder for later.

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8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab | Generation YES Blog

Eight Big Ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Lab
By Dr. Seymour Papert

The first big idea is learning by doing. We all learn better when learning is part of doing something we find really interesting. We learn best of all when we use what we learn to make something we really want…………..

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Augmented Reality – Making Paper Interactive

Clients who already use paper-based materials for distribution or in an instructor-led environment often ask us how we can enhance the learning experience for participants. One of the ways we recommend is to use elements of Augmented Reality.


Gust MEES: check also my “curation” about “Augmented Reality” [Hashtags for Twitter = #AR #RA #augmentedreality]:



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The ART Of Collaboration (Collaborative Behaviours)

If people are given the right tools and the right environment, will they spontaneously collaborate and share knowledge? Why do some people find it difficult to share and collaborate? Would incentives and rewards make a difference?


Collaboration in the workplace is now high on the priority list of many organisations seeking to leverage social technologies to free-up knowledge and provide opportunities for co-creation, co-production and innovation.


Gust MEES: I was one of the TOP10 Knol authors (Google Knol discontinued its service as on May 1, 2012) and I was involved in a lot of collaborative articles with multicultural authors and it was a very positive experience… I hope one day having the same opportunity back again on WordPress now…


One of our “old knols” (created on  November 02, 2010 [we were pioneers]) is being migrated to WordPress here if you would like to check it:


– For A Better World



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The evolution of the web

Interactive infographic about the evolution of browsers and the web.


Google launches this year’s version of the Evolution of the Web with Hyperakt and Vizzuality.


Last year, Vizzuality, Hyperakt, and members of the Google Chrome team worked on a visualization of web technologies and browsers. Since it was warmly received by the community, we decided to make a new version, using some of the latest web technologies to provide a fresh and distinctive experience.


In addition to updating the visualization with new browser versions and web technologies, we built a secondary visualization to show the growth of internet users and internet traffic worldwide.



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