Fast Track to our E-Learning Certificate

Ten Month Fast Track Option

Complete all five courses and receive a graduate certificate in e-learning and online teaching.
NOTE: Twelve of the course graduate credits may be applied as electives in the Master of Science in Education graduate degree program


Where will your career be this time next year?

Earn your graduate certificate in E-Learning and Online Teaching in as little as 10 months.

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It’s possible to skip a term or two between courses if that works better than taking the courses back to back.

Program Plan if You Begin January 3, 2017 and finish November 2017


Using e-Assessment to enhance student learning and evidence learning outcomes

This special edition captures some of the recent investigations in e-assessment that move us beyond the traditional selected response formats of multiple-choice tests, short answer, fill-in-the-blanks, true-false, and matching. Higher-level cognitive and affective skills cannot readily be assessed using traditional selected response formats and more authentic e-assessments are being proposed (Kuh, Jankowski, Ikenberry, & Kinzie 2014).


Current research on assessment in online environments.

5 IDEAS for a pedagogy of online learning | Tony Bates

Tony Bates:

“This report provides some intriguing suggestions for designers of blended and online learning. As the report states:

The examples of initiatives discussed ….. may be used as inspiration for course teams, departments or institutions to explore innovative practices.


It is clear that universities are going to change, not just because technology is at last beginning to radically shake up how we design courses, but also because the needs of learners are changing. In the end, the value of any new online pedagogy will be judged by how well it helps meets these needs. This report provides many useful ideas and examples that should help stimulate such developments.”


This report was recommended by Tony Bates.  Enough said.

A Dozen Things You Need to Know about Adult Learning | Tomorrow’s Professor Postings

The posting below, a bit longer than most, describes a dozen tips for working with adult learners. It is from Chapter 4 – A Dozen Things You Need to Know about Adult Learning, in the book, Teaching Adults: A Practical Guide for New Teachers, by Ralph G. Brocket. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc., A Wiley Company. One Montgomery Street, Suite 1200. San Francisco, CA 94104-4594 All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.


Calling all lifelong learners!  Keep it up!

Accessibility in Education | D2L

At D2L, we believe learning technologies should never limit learning opportunities. Our accessibility program is tightly integrated with our R&D. We design our products to be easy for people using assistive learning technologies to navigate and understand.


Understanding accessibility is a professional necessity for all educators and designers.  D2L provides insight and resources at apply to our work regardless of the learning management system we use.

e-Jobs: Freelance Instructional Designer – Sara Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College’s Office of Graduate & Professional Studies is looking for freelance instructional designers located in the New York metropolitan area who have experience in developing both eLearning (self-paced modules) and online/blended courses, preferably in Canvas).


The key is your portfolio. If you’ve got the experience and can show what you know… go for it. 

How Students Can Use Timeline Infographics in the Classroom

As a foreign language teacher, I am always looking for innovative ways to allow my students to demonstrate what they have learned.

I want students to be able to choose a tool that brings out their creative side and, as a result, leads to a more authentic and meaningful learning experience.

Because learning a language can be difficult, I try to design a variety of activities and projects that will provide students with practice and unique opportunities to develop their language skills through the creation of their projects.


Clever use of infographics — another way for your students to show what they know.