Apple Classroom vs. Google Classroom

Apple Classroom was released in March 2016, but from things I read online, or hear when talking to other educators, I feel that it still gets mistakenly compared to Google Classroom. I can absolutely see why that happens. Both products have very similar names, and both were created to help solve technology problems in the classroom. However, the truth is, these two products could not be more different. So, in this post, I wanted to take some time to run through everything that Apple Classroom can do, and compare that to Google Classroom, in order to give you some ideas on how you can use these useful tech tools at your school.


Good side by side comparison of two online elearning products.


What are the benefits of joining the Learn Moodle MOOC? A long-term participant shares. –

December 11, 2017

Have you heard of Learn Moodle?

It’s a free, four-week MOOC run by Moodle HQ, designed for anybody who wants to use the Moodle learning platform. We also run the MOOCs twice a year, after every major Moodle release.

Our Learn Moodle 3.4 MOOC Basics is starting on 8 January 2018 and recently we talked to Mary Cooch, our Community Educator and Elizabeth Dalton, our Research Analyst, to tell us what’s new for this upcoming MOOC.


Learn something new about Moodle in this Mooc!

The Best Self-Assessment Questions for Encouraging a Growth Mindset

There is no topic in education that is more furiously debated than assessment. Of course, self-assessment tends to raise even more alarm bells. The notion of students assessing themselves is difficult for many educators to get around, but they’re warming to the idea. If our students learn to ask the right self-assessment questions and keep themselves accountable, the results in learning improvement can be amazing.


This infographic delivers a powerful message about the growth mindset. 

Use Techniques that Complement the Adult Learner – TOPkit

The six basic techniques presented here are all tailored with respect to our audience, our faculty, who are adult learners at the core. The purpose of this area is not to explain exactly how to set up the training, but rather to instill these overarching principles.


Superb open source materials. This is a article from TOPKit, the Teaching Online Preparation Toolkit – licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonComercial ShareAlike 4.0 international license. 

E-Jobs: Online Studies Adjunct Faculty – Columbia International University | Columbia, SC

Online adjunct faculty members are responsible to facilitate online courses and occasionally serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for our growing online student body. Online faculty ensure that student learning objectives are met for every online course and that every online student learns at the highest level possible.

We are looking specifically for adjunct faculty members in the areas of:
Operations Management


Columbia International is staffing up with online adjuncts. Now is the time to apply. 

Little Prompter

Meet the Little Prompter
The Little Prompter is a compact, versatile, and easy to use tool that helps you quickly deliver a polished video to your students, to your employees, or to the public.  Up until now, teleprompters have been clunky, expensive, and difficult to operate–and many required film studios or a production team.  The Little Prompter changes all of that.   It’s a simple tool that promises to help you nail a smooth delivery using just a smartphone and your desktop computer, DLSR, or webcam.


If you want to create professional videos a teleprompter will really help you make an impression on your audience. This clever and inexpensive device turns your cell phone and webcam into a simple teleprompter.  Check it out!

Blockchain Explained by Common Craft (VIDEO)

We now have a fundamentally new way to manage ownership of things like digital currencies and intellectual property. It’s called Blockchain and it is the foundation for concepts like Bitcoin. This video explains the basics in about three minutes.


This lucid explanation will help you understand the core concepts of Blockchain.