Voice Recording Tools

Our voice is one of the most powerful tools we possess, but many times we default to writing instead of talking. There are definitely times when writing is the way to go, but there are other situations when spoken words can have a dramatic impact.

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Voice = Presence –  these tools will help you speak to your students. 


5 Ways I Screwed up (and Fixed) Project Based Learning in My Classroom – Cooper on Curriculum

About a month ago I was chatting with a colleague who was inspired to implement project based learning (PBL) in her classroom, took it upon herself to do so, and her first attempt at it was a complete flop. While talking with her about what took place, she mentioned how many bloggers and writers (including …

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Ever done PBL Online?

Unlocking the Promise of Digital Assessment

For many professors, student assessment is one of the most labor-intensive components of teaching a class. Items must be prepared, rubrics created, and instructions written. The work continues as the tests are scored, papers read, and comments shared. Performing authentic and meaningful student assessment takes time. Consequently, some professors construct relatively few assessments for their courses.

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Here’s some guidance on using ‘tech-enhanced formative assessments’ to improve your online or traditional classes.