Why I Teach Online

Having the option to work remotely and asynchronously was a godsend. I figured my online students would have no idea if I were moderating online discussions or grading papers while sitting next to a spouse hooked up to an Oxaliplatin IV. During this family crisis, I knew I would miss being in the same room with students, and the instantaneous give-and-take of a physical classroom. I only ever envisioned online teaching as a short-term reassignment.

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My online career allows me to be a primary caregiver for my loved one. This aspect of the work wasn’t what I’d anticipated. In the end it was a God send. 

8 Ways To Encourage Online Learner Reflection In eLearning – eLearning Industry

Reflection helps online learners absorb and assimilate the information more effectively. It also allows them to put their newfound knowledge into a real-world context. In this article, I’ll explore 8 ways to encourage online learner reflection through your eLearning course design.

Source: elearningindustry.com

UW-Stout Certificate Programs encourage reflection via weekly writing and e-portfolio development.  

What does it really take to build a flourishing online learning program? – eCampus News

A new survey tracks institutions’ progress toward creating and increasing a solid online learning program and other offerings for students.

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For more than a decade UW-Stout has been creating strong online programs. Great teachers with expert training in both the art of online teaching and academic disciplines, backed with robust technology and university support, make it possible.

Behaviors & Strategies for Improving Your Instructor Presence

Establishing a connection with online learners is a demonstrated strategy for increasing student motivation in online classes (Jones, Kolloff & Kolloff, 2008) and a marker of instructor excellence (Palloff & Pratt, 2011). Employing the the behaviors and strategies noted below is an effective step towards making your online students’ learning more relevant and increasing their investment in your class (DuCharme-Hansen, Dupin-Bryant, 2005).

Source: page.teachingwithoutwalls.com

I dare you to read these lists of behavior and strategy ideas and not find something new.  Great resource.