Green Mountain College, an innovative liberal arts college with a sustainability focus invites applications for Adjunct Faculty in our Online Master’s Degree Program in Sustainable Food Systems. The MSFS is a truly unique program designed to prepare future leaders in the burgeoning food movement.

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Moodle based program. Open to those with a Masters or Ph.D.  Looking for experienced online teachers.

Flipping Large Classes: Three Strategies to Engage Students

As we continue our ongoing series focused on the flipped classroom in higher education, it’s time to tackle another frequently asked question: “How can I flip a large class?”

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These strategies work in a large lecture hall or in a traditional small classroom. Take a look!

A Memo to My Students Re: College and the Real World

What happens in college and what you’ll be doing in your career aren’t the same, but they aren’t as different as many of you seem to think.

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I work in the real world with graduate students who are learning how to teach online. Many are already accomplished educators seeking to extend their skills to connect with a fast changing ‘real world’. 


That said, our Graduate Certificate classes emphasize hands on projects that apply to their jobs right now.  That’s the key; what you learn in the online class you put to work in your daily routine. 


Every time a student initiates a discussion they are practicing their instructor facilitation skills. Every group project delivers essential experiences needed to lead others through the terrain of technology based collaboration.


Since I teach EDUC 764 E-Learning Practicum, I push my students to change their point of view and think like online teachers. We make that transition by having them teach online in one of or graduate classes.  This is real experience, in the real world — done virtually! 

18 must-try apps for the new academic year.

I am currently on the last day of my summer holiday and have started thinking about new technology I can use in the upcoming year.  I have found 18 apps / websites that  I am definitely going to try. 1) Evernote. I am looking forward to exploring this free app / website in lessons.  It is…

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With the new academic year beginning, why not incorporate some new web tools or apps into your online or blended classroom settings? Take a look. There’s something for everyone here!

9 Reasons To Love LinkedIn – Forbes

n a study conducted by ROI Research, 59% of respondents said LinkedIn LNKD -0.32% is their most important account on social networks. It is one of any career-minded professional’s most important personal branding tools because it is replete with features that not only help you stand out and get noticed, they help you do your job better.

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If you think of online teaching or instructional design as a career, you simply must have a strong LinkedIn profile. This article tells you why.