What is the SAMR Model?

Published on Jul 12, 2016
The SAMR Model is a way for teachers to evaluate how they integrate technology into their teaching. Is it an act of substitution? Augmentation? Modification? Or redefinition? 

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Source: www.youtube.com

Excellent resource for instructional designers and online instructors. 

Average Adjunct Salaries trending upward during 1st quarter of 2017

I’ve been keeping track of average adjunct salaries since September 2016.  This link will take you to the UW-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Career Center to learn more! 

Source: www2.uwstout.edu

Average salaries (as reported by Simply Hired.com) are up 4k since September 2016.  If you have the subject matter expertise and the online teaching skills, a geographically flexible career may be yours. 

Why I Teach Online

Having the option to work remotely and asynchronously was a godsend. I figured my online students would have no idea if I were moderating online discussions or grading papers while sitting next to a spouse hooked up to an Oxaliplatin IV. During this family crisis, I knew I would miss being in the same room with students, and the instantaneous give-and-take of a physical classroom. I only ever envisioned online teaching as a short-term reassignment.

Source: www.chronicle.com

My online career allows me to be a primary caregiver for my loved one. This aspect of the work wasn’t what I’d anticipated. In the end it was a God send.