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EDUC 762 Assessment in E-Learning
Online Course 3 semester hours graduate credit

Instructor: Maggie Rouman
Summer: EDUC 762 961 June 26 – August 18, 2017


Last Call for a great online summer class. Register now and start learning with Maggie Rouman next week. Online assessment strategies that make blended courses more efficient. 

Lack of faculty time and training limits digital learning more than resistance does, study finds | Inside Higher Ed

A new survey of faculty members and administrators by Tyton Partners asserts that the use of digital instructional technologies, which it endorses, is facing “headwinds” in adoption by colleges and universities. The study identifies faculty take-up of digital courseware and other tools as among the leading impediments to their spread — but cites faculty members’ lack of time and the training they receive from their institutions as far bigger cause than their outright opposition.


UW-Stout Online Professional Development offers a highly effective and affordable resource for directly addressing the issues raised in this article. 

Public Domain Explained by Common Craft (VIDEO)

It’s easy to assume that creative works like photos, essays and recordings have an owner who can control them. But there is a big exception. Works in the public domain are not controlled or owned by anyone and are free to use. This video explains the public domain and how works in the public domain can be used.


Here’s another great Common Craft video explaining public domain. They are offering a free webinar on this topic as well. 

Great ‘Explainer’ video!

Maryellen Weimer, PhD: Classroom Discussions: How to Apply the Right Amount of Structure

How does one prepare for these unstructured structured discussions? Maybe it starts with having a general sense of discussion possibilities, identifying some of the priorities, but being open to unexpected outcomes. What actions does this general orientation entail? Most of us launch discussions with questions, but we also head into the discussion having good answers to those questions.


Dr. Weimer always provides insight wrapped around practical suggestions. This piece on the structure of discussions (both online and face to face) is spot on. 

How to Create an E-Learning Portfolio | The Rapid E-Learning Blog

What Goes in the Portfolio?
The portfolio represents your skills and expertise. You need to decide if you want the portfolio to be static where you only do occasional maintenance and updates. Or do you want a site that’s more dynamic and continually updating?


Here’s a “Tool Review” article that also covers the basic elements of an online portfolio. This is aimed at instructional designers, but also speaks to online teachers. 

E-Learning Careers: Your Professional Face: CV Resumes Interviews

This is a resource page for online teaching professionals looking for work. You’ll learn how to design your cover letter, CV and resume. 


This page is part of the UW-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Career Center.  If you are already working online, or just thinking about the possibility of expanding your career, jump into this curated information. 

e-Jobs: Bay Path University – Online Math Positions

Become part of a vibrant community of world-class professionals transforming the lives of a motivated and diverse student population. A pioneer in innovative academic programs since 1897 Bay Path University is seeking an experienced adjunct faculty member to teach an online graduate level course for the Master’s program in Applied Data Science. This course runs in an 8-week session (October 23, 2017 through December 16, 2017) and meets fully online.


As always a Ph.D is preferred. However this job is open to those with a MS degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering or other related field. Of course online teaching skills will open the door wider!