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The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) is the outcome of twenty years of work in developing and, most importantly, simplifying a straightforward, rigorous process that helps all students learn how to produce their own questions, improve their questions, and strategize on how to use their questions. In the process, they develop divergent, convergent and metacognitive thinking abilities.


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e-Jobs: ADJUNCT FACULTY, Horticulture – Spring 2018

Adjunct Faculty instructors at College of DuPage are responsible for course planning and instruction in classroom, lab, or clinical settings, courses may be conducted in various delivery modes, such as, face-to-face, on-line, hybrid and/or blended formats.  In addition, adjunct faculty are responsible for student evaluation, and timely and accurate submission of required paperwork related to instruction.


College of DuPage seeks adjunct faculty members to teach Plant Propagation courses in Horticulture for Spring 2018.

7 Reasons You Need to Try Voice Typing in Google Docs | Shake Up Learning

Jim Lerman: “One tiny little feature that packs an amazing punch is Voice Typing in Google Docs. This is a speech-to-text feature that is built-in to the most popular word processor in the world, and it is available to you and your students if you have a microphone in your devices.”
~ Thanks for the tip Jim!   ~ Dennis


Save your hands!  Use technology to save time and avoid typing. 

One ‘dominator’ can damage a group project – Futurity

Love them or hate them, group projects are a staple of college coursework. New research identifies a key aspect of successful teams.


Online group work can be the best of times or the worst of times. A little planning and insight go a long way. Solid article with good links to current research.  

Teaching Is Crazy Demanding—So I’m Making These Promises at Home

With the new school year fast approaching, I can already feel the jarring shift from attentive husband and doting dad to harried English teacher. I know I’ll soon be lost in trying to grade a set of essays, plan a new lesson on subject/verb agreement, prep for club meetings, and cheer on my students in their extracurricular endeavors. Every year I lose track of aspects of family life that have been so wonderful all summer. This year I am trying to make some changes to my teacher work-life balance.

These are the promises I am making to my family this year. 


All online teachers seek a work life balance.  Few attain it, especially early in their online careers.  It is easy to be ‘on’ 24×7. What promises do you make to yourself and your family as the new semester begins?

Examining the Helicopter Professor Label

We can withhold the guidance and support that makes learning experiences positive and constructive. The more interesting question is how we know whether we are doing too much or not enough. It’s a question that applies to individual courses, the programs to which they belong, and within our institutions.


Successful build self directed learning skills. Knowing how long to wait before entering a discussion is as important as knowing how quickly you should answer an e-mail.  Creating independent learners should be an objective for every course we teach.