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Flipping Awesome Science: Marc Seigel Talks About Flipping Science

Marc Seigel, a contributing author to Flipping 2.0, talks about an innovative flipped science classroom. How do lessons flow? What are common mistakes?


A dose of flipping STEM. 



Earn a Graduate Certificate in Elearning, Online and Blended Teaching

ELearning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate. Flipped Blended and Online Teaching Program Prepare for online teaching jobs. Learn to teach online UW-Stout


Looking to make a career lane change?  Earning a graduate certificate builds subject matter expertise. Expand the range of your graduate degree(s) or apply courses to our online masters programs. 

New Dates for Summer and Fall Online Courses

Professional development online courses for license renewal. Online learning for teachers trainers educators in STEM, math, reading, humanities, elearning and instructional design


Online Education Courses

Meet your goals for:

  • transitioning to a new career or position
  • continuing education / professional development
  • certificate
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11 Hilarious Hoax Sites to Test Website Evaluation

Great to see this site is still up and running. Some of the hoax sites are gone, but classics like The Aluminum Foil Detector Beanie and DHMO are still alive. NOW MORE THAN EVER we need to teach website evaluation. Information Fluency lives!

ELearning and Online Teaching Today

In this day and age, where anyone with access to the internet can create a website, it is critical that we as educators teach our students how to evaluate web content. There are some great resource…

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

I love this kind of assignment. Practice evaluation skills by working out on hoax sites.

For on demand training in evaluation skills see:

See on

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Entrepreneurship/Making Club!

Are you starting an entrepreneurship/making club or need new ideas for your current club?

idea on the drawing board

EDUC 660 Teaching for Creativity and Innovation: The Maker Culture and Makerspaces

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Online Course 3 semester hours graduate credit
Instructor: Shannon Mersand
Summer: June 11 – August 3, 2018
Summer 2018 Tuition: $441 per semester hour graduate credit ($1,323 per course)
Tuition due July 18, 2018

Fall: September 24 – November 16, 2018