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4 Ways Mentor Teachers Make A Difference In The Classroom | EdNews Daily

Teaching online or in the classroom can be a challenging profession from many angles. Teachers have an enormous amount of responsibilities the moment they begin working in the profession.

Although educators should have ongoing professional development and practicum experience, there are many moments in a teacher’s day when he/she may need assistance or need to seek out an exceptional mentor.

Here are four ways mentor teachers help in the classroom-either online or in the classroom.


Teachers helping teachers is a model that works — especially in the online classroom. 


How online education benefits introverted students (essay)

Joe told me that after his high school graduation, he’d put off college because of his fears of the classroom environment. He’d decided to enroll in this, one class at his local community college, because he had the option to take his courses online. Joe loved the online environment, and rather than feeling like it was his second-best option or that he was a second-best learner, he was empowered and eager. I imagined him pursuing his degree while maturity had a chance to do its job, gaining confidence in his ideas in written form first so that he could begin to take more extroverted baby steps in the future.


An important essay by Karen Costa on the benefits of online learning for introverted students. 

e-Jobs: Academic Success Course, Graduate School – UMUC OnlineAdjunct Faculty 

Required Education and Experience
Master’s degree in computer programming or related field from an accredited institution of higher learning
Professional experience in computer programming or related field
You must meet the minimum technology requirements, which can be reviewed at
Experience teaching adult learners online and in higher education is strongly preferred
This position is specifically to teach online


Great school… if you have the talents! 

Teaching — It’s about Inspiration, Not Information – Tina Seelig – Medium

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt

This is an important reminder that teaching is all about building a relationship with your students. In fact, in today’s world, when information is at our fingertips, we don’t need to go to school to learn facts and figures — a quick Google search, a glance at Wikipedia, or a question posed to Siri will usually result in answers to specific questions.


Here’s a thoughtful piece on teaching that will remind us all that teaching is a calling.  

Video Dubbing Learning Activities for Students

“Although dubbing a video can be a great source of entertainment, it actually can be very educational as well. There are quite a few learning activities for students when they take a video, remove the original audio, and add their own narration.”


What a great idea!  New to me. Sounds like a winner! 

Maryellen Weimer, PhD: As You’re Preparing the Syllabus. . .

The “find and replace” feature in Word quickly makes an old syllabus ready for a new course. Use it too many times and thinking about the course settles into a comfortable rut. Yes, we may change more than just the dates, but when was the last time we considered something beyond what needs to go on the syllabus? The literature answers that question with a few definitive conclusions and a host of possibilities. Here are some thoughts, offered with just a bit of provocation, in the hopes they might reenergize our thinking about the syllabus and what it can accomplish in the course, for students and for the teacher.


Excellent advice from  Maryellen Weimer, PhD.

Make your syllabus revisions into something more.


Google Classroom: Updated Group Docs Maker – Teacher Tech

To make the process of assigning students to groups and getting them going on editing the group’s template easier I coded an Add-on script: Group Docs Maker. This allows you to copy and paste your roster of students into the spreadsheet and automatically create a copy of a template for each group. Each group members name is automagically appended to the document title.


Here’s a clever timesaver when using Google Docs for collaboration from Alice Keeler.