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Flipping Awesome Science: Marc Seigel Talks About Flipping Science

Marc Seigel, a contributing author to Flipping 2.0, talks about an innovative flipped science classroom. How do lessons flow? What are common mistakes?


A dose of flipping STEM. 



Earn a Graduate Certificate in Elearning, Online and Blended Teaching

ELearning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate. Flipped Blended and Online Teaching Program Prepare for online teaching jobs. Learn to teach online UW-Stout


Looking to make a career lane change?  Earning a graduate certificate builds subject matter expertise. Expand the range of your graduate degree(s) or apply courses to our online masters programs. 

New Dates for Summer and Fall Online Courses

Professional development online courses for license renewal. Online learning for teachers trainers educators in STEM, math, reading, humanities, elearning and instructional design


Online Education Courses

Meet your goals for:

  • transitioning to a new career or position
  • continuing education / professional development
  • certificate
  • license renewal
  • electives in the Masters in Education degree
  • graduate credits for transfer to another university.

Enroll Today! Advanced Trends and Issues in PK-5 Mathematics Teaching

EDUC 661 Advanced Trends and Issues in PK-5 Mathematics Teaching Online Course 3 semester hours graduate credit Instructor:


This course is offered as part of UW-Stout’s Math Specialist Graduate Certificate.  Take it stand alone for professional development credit. Or complete all courses to earn the certificate (which can be applied to our online masters degree program). 

Enroll Now! EDUC 762 Assessment in Elearning

Starts Soon!
Online Course 3 semester hours graduate credit
Instructor: Maggie Rouman
Spring: EDUC 762
  • Tuition is the same for Wisconsin residents, out-of-state and international students.
  • There is no registration fee and no program application.


As an educator you already understand the importance of efficient and accurate assessment. Have you realized how powerful assessment is in the online learning environment?

  • Assessment has the capability to drive interactions and engagement.
  • Assessment can minimize plagiarism
  • Assessment can strengthen higher-level learning.
  • Assessment can streamline blended learning environments.

Learn what is needed to become an excellent online teacher and course designer while developing your electronic record keeping systems and methods for evaluating discussion postings and group projects.

Moodle Vs Edmodo: Which One Is Right For You?

A video tutorial that takes you through the difference between Edmood and Moodle. If you are a teacher and you want to know about the differences betwee


It always helps to compare how two course management systems work. 

Safe YouTube videos – free technology tools for teachers, kids and others

You may be a teacher searching for free technology tools for teachers which enable them to watch and share YouTube videos with students in classroom in a safe and friendly way without any distractions or offensive comments that may scatter their attention, and in that case, Safe YouTube is for you.


Here’s a great way to safely use YouTube videos in your classroom. This system create a ‘safe url’ that blocks out ads that your students don’t need to see.  Give it a try. Free! 

Enroll Now! EDUC 761 Creating Collaborative Communities in E-Learning

Online Course 3 semester hours graduate credit Instructor: Dr. Maryruth Hicks Fall: March 5 – May 11, 2018.


Don’t’ miss this class. Online Course 3 semester hours graduate credit Instructor: Dr. Maryruth Hicks Fall: March 5 – May 11, 2018.


This course won’t be offered again until Summer 2018.  Act Now!

4 Ways Mentor Teachers Make A Difference In The Classroom | EdNews Daily

Teaching online or in the classroom can be a challenging profession from many angles. Teachers have an enormous amount of responsibilities the moment they begin working in the profession.

Although educators should have ongoing professional development and practicum experience, there are many moments in a teacher’s day when he/she may need assistance or need to seek out an exceptional mentor.

Here are four ways mentor teachers help in the classroom-either online or in the classroom.


Teachers helping teachers is a model that works — especially in the online classroom. 

How online education benefits introverted students (essay)

Joe told me that after his high school graduation, he’d put off college because of his fears of the classroom environment. He’d decided to enroll in this, one class at his local community college, because he had the option to take his courses online. Joe loved the online environment, and rather than feeling like it was his second-best option or that he was a second-best learner, he was empowered and eager. I imagined him pursuing his degree while maturity had a chance to do its job, gaining confidence in his ideas in written form first so that he could begin to take more extroverted baby steps in the future.


An important essay by Karen Costa on the benefits of online learning for introverted students.