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ISTE 2016: Three Free Tools for Teachers

Innovative teachers find few things more exciting than discovering creative, new educational tools they can implement immediately.. …The presentation — led by education thought leader Leslie Fisher, PBS LearningMedia representative John Sessler and teacher Clara Pena — detailed the features of several STEM-themed applications, as well as the ways teachers can put those tools to use right away


Three great tools… and best of all they are free!


21 Top Presentation Tools for Teachers – More Than A Tech

Looking for the best presentation software for your classroom? Check out our list of 21 top presentation tools for teachers.


Great ideas for presentation tools besides the typical video. Also provides a helpful chart about what tool works on what device. 

The Six Hats a Personalized Learning Leader Needs to Wear (EdSurge News)

These are the hats personalized learning teachers wear: coach, mentor, tutor, curator, facilitator, and analyst.


Six hats and one head — being a 21st Century Educator is endlessly fascinating.

Comprehensive Guide to Making in the Classroom

Wise educators are always on the lookout for new pedagogies and materials that expand classroom learning opportunities and amplify student potential. The global maker movement poses exciting opportunities to transform the classroom.


Making, inventing, the classroom or library as a lab… time to remake it all into true hands-on learning.

Using Facebook to Enrich the Online Classroom

Some educators find Facebook daunting and potentially perilous, but the advantages are well worth it, especially once you master all the settings Facebook has to offer. Now, is it like being in the classroom? No, it’s not like being in the classroom, but it’s purposeful, interactive, and enjoyable, and exactly what my dry, strictly discussion-board online courses were missing. Facebook makes for an optimal virtual classroom, and this is why:


Ten good reason why using Facebook would enrich your online classroom.

ISTE 2016: ED TECH 10 Hot Topics

What’s hot in ed tech? Surprisingly – or not surprisingly, depending on your point of view – the most compelling topics among educators who embrace technology for learning and teaching are not about the tech at all, but about the students. And that’s a good thing.


ISTE 2016, as always – will be a hot spot for anyone involved in teaching and learning!

5 Ways to Ace Discussion Board Assignments in an Online Class

When online discussion boards come together well, students can actually learn more from them than from other parts of class, instructors say. But getting the most out of a discussion board – and earning the high marks to show for it – isn’t easy. 

Below, experts share tips for how to ace the discussion board component of online class.


Discussion forums are essential for an online learning community. Great tips shared here!