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Opal Davis Dawson on Twitter: 12 roles for Goole Drive in Classroom @TeachThought #satchat

12 roles for Google Drive in Classroom #satchat #edchat #sunchat #edtech


Time to stir your ed-tech thinking as you ramp up a new school year. 


e-Job: Instructional Designer/ Instructional Technologist UW-Madison

Degree and area of specialization:
Bachelor’s degree required. Graduate degree in educational technology, instructional design, education/curriculum development or related discipline preferred.

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:
– Three (3) years of demonstrated experience in instructional design and instructional materials development
– Skill organizing and building content within a content/learning management system and using various multimedia software tools and technologies
– Web content design
–Social media experience preferred

The ideal candidate will be able to apply the following knowledge and skills within a higher education context:
– Research-based instructional design models including needs and task analysis, pedagogical theory, assessment strategies, and best practices for the development of non-credit and credit online university-level courses.
– Adult learning theory and current approaches to online learning including web conferencing, social networking, problem-based learning, case studies, etc.


Not an online/remote position.  However many of our E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate holders possess the required skill set.

e-Job: Instructional Technologist – UW Madison

Degree and area of specialization:
Bachelor’s degree in Instructional Design, Educational Technology or other closely related field. Master’s degree preferred.

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:
– One to three years of experience developing online content
– Experience contributing to a successful team environment
– Experience in a customer service capacity
– Experience working in a higher education setting

Principal duties:
The Instructional Technologist works in the UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies and is part of the Educational Innovation team working to increase online professional master’s degrees and post-baccalaureate certificates. Educational Innovation is a coordinated effort to create a sustained campus environment that maintains and enhances student learning while improving capacities and generating new resources.


This is not an online/remote position. However I knew it would be of interest to many of our Wisconsin graduates. 

e-Job: Online Instructor: English Composition – Southern New Hampshire University

Minimum qualifications
· Masters in English, Composition or Rhetoric Required, Doctorate preferred
· Experience teaching Composition at college level required
· Online teaching not required, but preferred


Nice to see a liberal arts online college job pop up!  Southern New Hampshire University is doing a lot of hiring this season. 

eJob: Professor of Adult Teaching & Learning UW-Madison

Degree and area of specialization:
Earned Ph.D. in education or related field

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:
– Evidence of the ability to develop an excellent research program in adult teaching & learning, and/or continuing education.
– Evidence of knowledge and demonstrated excellence in distance education.
– Applicants also should show evidence of demonstrated excellence in teaching adults.
Principal duties:
We seek a tenurable or tenure track faculty to provide leadership and contribute to the department’s expertise in adult teaching and learning, continuing education, and distance learning. This individual will enhance the department’s capacity to conduct research related to continuing education, including distance education. The faculty member will be expected to help develop a Center on Adult Teaching & Learning to provide research on key current and emerging issues in adult teaching and learning and continuing education.


Not an Online/Remote position . Here’s a tenure track position for someone with teaching skills, distance education expertise, and research ability.  Do you qualify?  

If you need to sharpen up your Distance Learning skills consider adding our E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate to your resume. 

Hacking the Robot: I Sent You My Resume; Why Haven’t You Called?

In summary, you need to first make “friends” with the robot reading your resume to boost your chances of your resume being read – and ultimately contacted – by a human being, the HR decision maker. Maybe now you know why you haven’t been called.


This quick read explains how to buddy up to the ATS software reading your online resumes. 

Martin Buckland, author of the post asserts: “Applicant Tracking Software eliminates approximately 75% of candidates

I’d love to hear from some resume experts and HR folks about this statistic.

If it’s even marginally accurate, it’s time to hack the robot and redraft the old resume!

eJobs: Adjunct Instructor Psychology Research Methods

Grand Canyon University


  • Doctoral degree in a field of Clinical Psychology or Counseling and Must hold current credentials as a Licensed Independent Professional Counselor (LPC), a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor, or a Licensed Independent Marriage and Family Therapy Counselor and Must have a minimum of 2 years clinical experience.


If you have a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and some experience teaching online this could be an opportunity to consider.