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Online Adjunct Job Tips:  Advice from Online Professors

what are your best tips related to getting an online adjunct job, specifically?


Here’s a list of hard won tips about applying for online jobs from the Baab Group. Everyone of these insights will help you reach your goal of teaching online.


In Search of the Killer Mobile App, Part 1: Will LMS Vendors Lead the Way for Higher Ed? – Eduventures

By Jeff Alderson, Principal Analyst

Think of the last time you told a coworker about an app, one you recommended that they download right away. Was it education related? Did it specifically target higher education users? We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that it didn’t, because—from where we sit—the “must-have” app for higher ed doesn’t exist yet.


I’ve worked with more Learning Management Systems than most. I’ve touch everything on this list. Most of what I need is there, although more often than not some central authority hasn’t flipped the switches I need to get to the tools I’d use.


As far as killer apps, mobile is essential.  If an LMS isn’t fully functional on a tablet, it’s a lame duck.

Edu Infographic: Key Challenges Of Implementing eLearning In Africa – Open Learning Tank

Danai Nhando

Danai is a Human Rights Lawyer turned Education Technology Advocate.She is passionate about democratizing access to quality education in Africa through open educational solutions. Danai believes that eLearning advancement does not always require large amounts of resources and she offers professional advisory services to academic institutions on how to set up low cost high impact eLearning initiatives.


As teachers we can change lives one student at a time. As online teachers our classroom is the world. Open Learning, Open Education, OER –  all great keywords describing change and new hope in education.


Last Friday, I participated in a Leadership Learning Team meeting with other educators in our school board.  It was a great opportunity to think about the way we teach, and we were challenged to share this learning with others.


Here’s one teacher’s story. I love the hashtag.

Simple Twist Improves Engagement: Mini-Scenarios for Assessment

Scenario-based learning often means complex branching or simulations, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. You can use mini-scenarios to make your assessments more relevant and valuable. One of the big advantages of using mini-scenarios is that they’re fast and easy to build. You don’t need any special tools; any tool that can create a multiple choice question can be used for mini-scenarios.


A simple twist on the typical multiple choice question can improve engagement.  Try it?