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The Importance of Doubt, Asking Questions and Not Knowing

Why is it so important to doubt, question everything and not know?! Check out Socrates’ article on to find out.
Not knowing, just like other cases of being uncomfortable, is a great incentive for personal growth. Progress always comes at the point of resistance. Getting uncomfortable and willing to be uncertain, to not know, to ask questions, to err and to fail, is the best and only way to learn, grow, progress and move forward.


E-Learning Certificate Program: E-Learning and Online Teaching on Pinterest

I’m now using to feed my Pinboard about E-Learning and Online Teaching.   I prefer the magazine lay out of but can also appreciate the big pinwheel look of Pinterest.   
Kick one domino of information and it interacts with so many web based publishing sytesm! ~ Dennis

Professional Development Opportunities | EDUCAUSE

As you consider professional development opportunities critical to your career, or to the career of your staff members, the following grid can be used as a guide to navigate the professional development opportunities available within the EDUCAUSE community. Both career progression and investment of time and money are given to assist you in making decisions on events and other resources, some of which of are available at little or no cost.

LTTO Episodes | Teaching with web 2.0 technologies: Twitter, wikis & blogs – Case study

Web 2.0 tools can be useful for any situation where discussion and content sharing is desired, and where accessing current information in certain topic areas can be advantageous for learning.