Monthly Archives: December 2011 Moodle Training Videos

These videos feature interactive opportunities for viewers.  A good selection of basic and intermediate concepts for Moodle using instructors. (Pre-2.0) ~ Dennis
The items are divided by topic. Once you find the topic that you are interested in, select the particular video that will help you from within that topic.
You can download this course for your own Moodle server. Just be sure to include the CC License and attribution with the course.


Nuts and Bolts: From Classroom to Online, Think “Transform” not “Transfer” by Jane Bozarth : Learning Solutions Magazine

Converting an existing classroom course to an online format can be a tricky, time-consuming undertaking. The easy way out — simply moving the content and lecture portions to an electronic means of delivery — is what leads to e“Learning” at its worst: slide after slide of bulleted information and loss of engaging activities and the contributions of individual instructors.