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e-Jobs: Don’t Just Talk About it: History, Undergraduate School- Online Faculty – UMUC

Required Education and Experience:

Master’s degree in History or related field from an accredited institution of higher learning.

Demonstrated understanding of History

You must meet the minimum technology requirements, which can be reviewed at

Experience teaching adult learners online and in higher education is strongly preferred.


If you’ve got a masters degree in history and online teaching skills this is the job you’ve been looking for!  Don’t just talk about it. Act. 

Special note to qualified UW-Stout E-Learning Certificate Holders: University of Maryland University College will put you through a two week online training.  Just show them what you know and you’ll have a lock on this job. 


e-jobs: Digital Media and Society, Undergraduate School – Online Faculty – UMUC

Required Education and Experience:

Master’s degree in a related field from an accredited institution of higher learning.


UMUC is ramping up their undergraduate programs. Wisely, they are looking for skilled online teachers with subject matter expertise.

UW-Stout E-Learning Certificate holders, if you have the SME, pursue this lead! 

e-Jobs: Online Professor – Business Strategy Simulation

Ph.D. or DBA in strategy or marketing strategy from a regionally accredited institution with demonstrated business experience in marketing strategy

  • Experience with strategy simulation games
  • A demonstrated record of focusing on the students
  • Publications related to subject matter of course content
  • Candidate will be required to complete satisfactory background and reference checks
  • Additional requirements driven by state licensing or accreditation considerations may apply


Put your hard earned degree to work in a fascinating field. Teaching online frees you from geography and connects your mind with vital ideas. 

2015’s Best and Worst States for Teachers

Most educators don’t pursue their profession for the money. But that doesn’t justify paying teachers any less than they deserve, considering the profound difference they make in people’s lives. In reality, however, teachers across the U.S. are shortchanged every year — their salaries consistently fail to keep up with inflation — while the law demands they produce better students.


How does your state stack up?  Time to move?  If you want to live where you are, but teach somewhere else, online teaching and learning might be right for you!

e-Jobs: Digital Forensics, Undergraduate School – Online Faculty UMUC

Required Education and Experience:


Investigation of cyber crime is a growth field.  If you’ve got the skills and inclination to teach online, this program might be for you. 

Making a Makerspace – Online Graduate Course University of Wisconsin-Stout

How can you build a Makerspace in your school? How can you support the learning by doing maker movement in your classroom?


Bring collaboration and creativity to your classroom or library.  Create an atmosphere that makes kids want to learn (and help yourself fall in love with teaching again).

e-Jobs: Online High School Instructors Needed – Georgia Virtual Learning

“Georgia Virtual School, a program through the Georgia Department of Education, is a national leader in quality online education for middle school and high school students. Online instructors at the Georgia Virtual School facilitate the courses using a learning management system and course content developed by expert staff. Our program is growing rapidly and we are recruiting exceptional instructors to join our faculty. Over the past three semesters (Spring 14, and Summer 14, Fall 14 ) Georgia Virtual School has had 25,000 enrollments. Our Fall 14 semester experienced 25% growth over Fall 2013. Georgia Virtual needs teachers committed to teaching these students and learning the best practices of online education.”


Georgia Virtual Learning (from the Georgia Department of Education)  has recently posted e-Jobs in the following areas:

  • AP Physics
  • Science (Broadfield)
  • Physical Science
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Latin

I do not know if Georgia will accept an out of state online teacher.  Here is information about Georgia’s certificate and reciprocity policies:

UW-Stout E-Learning Certificate holders:  If you follow up on this, keep me posted on your experience? ~ Dennis 

e-Jobs perspective: K-12 – Which States Use Virtual Schools to Fill the Gap?

“We know that online courses can help fill the gap, and Keeping Pace 2014 research shows how some states are supporting state virtual schools to help meet the needs of students seeking online courses.”


e-Jobs perspectives:

As an online teacher you can leap state lines in a single bound (although you may bounce a bit on landing).

Do some research.

Get perspective.

Your job hunt is national (perhaps international) in scope.

This article details which State Virtual Schools are growing and which are withering. Important information for your K-12 Virtual Teaching Job hunt! 


Beginner’s Guide to Writing Poetry Introduction

Take the full course for FREE at There is so much more to poetry than just what we see on greeting …


To teach writing you need to write.  To teach poetry, write poetry.  If you find yourself in the remarkably important position of teaching kids, include poetry in your curriculum (even if you have to sneak it in)!

This video introduces a free course offered on UDEMY, a popular online teaching platform.  The course is video driven. Experiment and experience at your own pace.   (Why not?)

K-12 Virtual Schools: Is anybody learning anything?

“Millions of kids, some as young as 5, now get their schooling online. Just one problem: Nobody knows how well it works.”


If you are an online k-12 teacher, or hope to be one: READ this article.

Reporter Darren Samulesohn provides a non-partisan overview of k-12 virtual schooling.  This is a refreshingly in depth story about the recent history of k-12 online schools. You’ll also get a good sense of current political, economic and educational realities in this booming field.

There are a number of researchers who would contest the claim that “Nobody knows how well it works”.  But it is more than clear that the results are mixed and far from complete.