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Building Educational Web Sites with Moodle

Moodle is an Open Source tool that allows even non-technical teachers to set up and maintain a Web site where students can log in and access course information, interact, share, and teach others.

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47 Interesting Ways to Use Moodle in the Classroom (started by @TomBarrett) | Moodle News

There’s a great Google Documents presentation going around which features 42 (and growing) “interesting ways to use Moodle in the Classroom”.

It was originally started by Tom Barrett (@Tombarrett) but many other Moodlers and educators have continued building upon the original slides to create a dynamic encyclopedia of tips, tricks, Moodle-uses and module sneak peaks.

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Teaching Copyright- A MUST READ!

This curriculum is designed to give teachers a comprehensive set of tools to educate students about copyright while incorporating activities that exercise a variety of learning skills. Lesson topics include: the history of copyright law; the relationship between copyright and innovation; fair use and its relationship to remix culture; peer-to-peer file sharing; and the interests of the stakeholders that ultimately affect how copyright is interpreted by copyright owners, consumers, courts, lawmakers, and technology innovators.


The lesson plan concludes with a mock trial that tests the students’ understanding of copyright and its limitations and encourages them to consider the positions of each party involved.




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Free Search Tools Every Educator Need to Know about

One of the basic aims of education in general is to teach us how to be a life long researcher, how to discover new fountains of knowledge and illuminate our lives. Knowledge itself is based on research and every discipline be it philosophy, science, technology, art or humanities, they all have one common pillar which is research.

See on Guided Tour: Evaluating Web 2.0 Resources – List | Diigo

Dennis OConnor’s List: Guided Tour: Evaluating Web 2.0 Resources – A guided tour of A Diigo webslide show of web 2.0 evaluation guides, lessons, and online games created the the 21st Century Information Project.

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