Walking Meditation | Mindful Walking

Walking meditation, also called mindful walking, combines the basic principles of meditation, such as breathing, concentration and relaxation with rhythmic walking. “As with traditional meditation, walking meditation can reduce your blood pressure and heart rate, create feelings of well-being, help you sleep, improve your mood and help you manage stress,” says Shirley Archer, a fitness expert who teaches walking meditation workshops at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.

Source: www.arthritistoday.org

This article presents 5 practices to help you into mindful walking.  The third practice “Find a Mantra” rang my memory bell and helped be understand that all the years I spent hiking and climbing were in so many way mindful walking. 

I used the mountaineer’s rest step and a simple chant to climb high passes with a heavy pack. It was very hard work that on occassion lead to bliss. 

Thinking back on those experiences fills my mind with ease. My travel memories are a rich library. Evoking the best of them makes now a more mindful place. 


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