Competency Based Learning: The Real Revolution in Online Education Isn’t MOOCs

A small but growing number of educational institutions such as College for America (CfA), Brandman, Capella, University of Wisconsin, Northern Arizona, and Western Governors are implementing online competency-based programs. Although many are still in nascent stages today, it is becoming clear that online competencies have the potential to create high-quality learning pathways that are affordable, scalable, and tailored to a wide variety of industries. It is likely they will only gain traction and proliferate over time.


I earned a competency based degree in Technology Integration and Instructional Design from Western Governors university almost 10 years ago. This isn’t a revolutionary new approach. It is a very demanding and challenging way to learn. If you are a motivated and skilled self-directed learner, competency based education may be just right for you! 

3D Printing for Accessible Materials in Schools – DIAGRAM Webinar – YouTube

Published on May 8, 2014
How are teachers using 3D printing to create accessible materials for students with visual impairments? Hear the results of newly completed research exploring this question, and the challenges of using this technology for creating accessible materials. Examples of how 3D printing can create better learning and teaching experiences will be discussed for classroom implementation. Webinar hosted by Yue-Ting Siu, Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI), Bay Area Unified School Districts; NLCSD Fellowship recipient and doctoral candidate at the University of California, Berkeley. Ting is joined by Mike Cheverie, TVI at L.A. Unified School District.


3-D printing for accessibility is an amazing cutting edge idea.

This acronym is new to me: Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI),

So much new and interesting in this webinar archive video.

10 Month Fast Track to Your Graduate Certificate in E-Learning and online Teaching

Begin January 2015 and complete the certificate in 10 months.

EDUC 760 Elearning for Educators January 5 – February 27, 2015 
EDUC 762 Assessment in E-learning March 2 – April 24, 2015
EDUC 763 Instructional Design for E-learning May 4 – June 26, 2015
EDUC 761 Creating Collaborative Communities in E-learning – Online Facilitation  June 29 – August 21, 2015
EDUC 764 E-Learning Practicum + Internship September 14 – November 7, 2015 (Prerequisite: Successful completion with a 3.0 gpa in EDUC 760, 761, 762, 763 

It’s possible to skip a semester or two between courses if that works better for you than taking the courses back to back. Each course is offered three times per year.

Begin May 2015 and complete the certificate in 10 months.

EDUC 760 960 E-learning for Educators May 4 – June 26, 2015
EDUC 762 961 Assessment in E-learning June 29 – August 21, 2015
EDUC 763 900 Instructional Design for E-Learning August 24 – October 16, 2015
EDUC 761 900 Collaborative Communities in E-learning – Online Facilitation October 19 – December 11, 2015
EDUC 764 930 E-Learning Practicum + Internship January 20 – March 27, 2016


We are now offering back to back classes to allow participants to complete two 8 week courses per semester. This makes a fast track 10 month path to the Graduate Certificate possible. 

Of course anyone is free to take a single course for professional development, or to time between courses to balance the work/life equation. 

e-Jobs: Online Adjunct Instructors in Finance

Southern New Hampshire Univeristy

We are seeking instructors and SMEs for the following undergraduate courses:
Financial Statements and Reporting Analysis
Financial Markets
Financial Regulations and Ethics
Wealth Management
Insurance and Benefits
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning

Minimum qualifications:
Discipline specific Master’s or MBA with coursework in the area you wish to teach.
Current relatable business experience required.
Professional certifications required for some courses.
College level teaching or training experience a plus.
Experience designing online courses for adults preferred for SME projects.


Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators (Fall 2014) | Desire2Learn Open Courses

Many eLearning educators are under-prepared to deal with web accessibility issues. This free MOOC, sponsored by Portland Community College and D2L, provides a free professional development opportunity to help eLearning professionals meet the challenges of addressing accessibility in online learning.
Registration is open from September 29 until November 14, 2014.


The more you learn about Web Accessibility, the more you realize just how much there is to know. This MOOC is about a fundamental issue in online learning.  

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. 

e-Job: Adjunct Online Faculty Mathematics

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is seeking qualified adjuncts to teach online for the Office of eULM in the following content areas to teach in the Spring 2015 Semester. 

Mathematics – Minimum of a Master Degree in Mathematics 


  • A passion for education 
  • Willingness to participate in an online training/orientation course 
  • Online teaching and/or learning experience 
  • Familiarity with current research in best practices of online teaching and learning 
  • Familiarity with current research in adult learning theory 
  • Attention to detail and willingness to perform all duties assigned 
  • Positive and professional tone in all communications with students, staff and colleagues 


If you have online teaching skills and a Math Masters this looks like a good opportunity to get started in online teaching at the university level w/o a terminal degree.