e-Jobs: Online Part-Time Faculty – English Writing and Literature

Academic Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

Teaching excellence
Deliver online lessons to undergraduate and/or graduate students.
Initiate, facilitate, interact and moderate online classroom forums.
Be a faculty leader in your classes embracing fully the Community of Inquiry Framework of Teaching Presence, Cognitive Presence, and Social Presence.
Evaluate and grade students’ class work, assignments, and papers within the timeframe set forth by APUS policy providing effective feedback to guide student learning and success.
Comply with APUS guidelines and expectations for quality faculty engagement online.
Engage in the classroom and reply to emails, etc. at least every other day, including one day during the weekend.
Remain aware of classroom procedures and use of instructional materials.
Participate in professional development to enhance teaching skills.
Attend discipline specific and administrative meetings as scheduled.
Maintain ‘discipline’ knowledge by participating in one’s own discipline-related professional communities.
Support APUS initiatives and departments.

Source: www.higheredjobs.com

Teaching Practices Inventory Provides Tool to Help You Examine Your Teaching

Maryellen Weimer, PhD:

Here’s a great resource: the Teaching Practices Inventory. It’s an inventory that lists and scores the extent to which research-based teaching practices are being used. It’s been developed for use in math and science courses, but researchers Carl Wieman and Sarah Gilbert suggest it can be used in engineering and social sciences courses, although they have not tested it there. I suspect it has an even wider application. Most of the items on the inventory are or could be practiced in most disciplines and programs

Source: www.facultyfocus.com

This inventory, published by the University of British Columbia was developed by an impressive team from Canada, headed by Nobel Prize winning physicist Carl Wieman.  Fine research. Deep and worth the dive.

e-Jobs: Finance, Undergraduate School – Online Adjunct Faculty

University of Maryland University College

Master’s degree is required in Finance or related from an accredited institution of higher learning.
Professional experience in Finance
Higher Education teaching experience
Minimum technology requirements to teach at UMUC can be found and reviewed at http://www.umuc.edu/visitors/careers/facultyrecruit/ under Faculty Resources
A terminal degree (i.e. PhD, JD, DBA etc.) is preferred from an accredited institution of higher learning.
Experience teaching adult learners in an online environment is also preferred.

Source: www.higheredjobs.com

Combine your finance expertise, advanced degree, and online teaching experience to seize this opportunity.

Gain experience teaching online on Udemy.

This FAQ section will help you understand the ins and outs of creating a course and answer any additional questions you may have about teaching online.

Source: www.udemy.com

  I work with many beginning online teachers who are struggling to get started actually teaching online. UDEMY is one way to create your own opportunities as you develop real world experience. 

Building a free course is a way to also build your credibility and expand your network. Developing a course and charging a fee is a way to make money teaching online. 

Either path will teach you a lot about instructional design, video and audio production, and social media marketing. 

So why not add a UDEMY course to your resume and gain some experience while you are applying for online jobs? 

MVU releases guide to help schools navigate the virtual learning journey > Michigan Virtual School | MiVHS | MVU | Michigan Online Education

MVU recently released a guide for mentors of online learning students, “Mentor Fundamentals: A Guide for Mentoring Online Learners,” that is intended to provide an understanding of the fundamental elements of mentoring or coaching students for success with online courses.

Mentors are critical partners in ensuring student success in navigating the virtual learning journey. The mentor, student, parent and online instructor form a team to help students become proficient online learners and successfully complete their courses.

Source: www.mivhs.org

The Michigan Virtual School is a reliable source of information about K-12 Virtual Education.  Dig into their resources and you’ll be rewarded.

With Sprout, HP bets on remaking the PC as a 3D maker tool | ZDNet

It’s called Sprout by HP and it’s an all-in-one PC that looks similar to an iMac, but sports a small digital projector on the top of the monitor that projects down onto a mat (where the keyboard would normally be) and creates a second screen that is fully touch-enabled and also works with a digital pen. And the projector also serves as a 2D image scanner and a full 3D scanner for digitizing real world objects.

CNET first take on Sprout
That’s the hardware. The software involves what HP refers to as an “apperating system” called Workspace. It sits on top of Windows 8 and the computer boots directly into this HP environment to access a suite of creative tools. HP has Microsoft’s support on this, which is a first in terms of a third party being sanctioned to bypass Windows and boot into their own environment.

Source: www.zdnet.com

Here’s a tool to support a “maker space” environment for 3D design. Not what you need at home? Perhaps not, but an amazing bit of affordable tech for any team looking to do quick prototyping. I see this as a computer lab/maker space station that helps bring ideas to life.