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Virtual School Blog: E-Learning Graduate Certificate Program

And another item from Monday’s inbox… E-Learning Graduate Certificate Program EDUC 762 – Online Assessment – Register Today! Posted: 19 Jun 2017 10:01 AM PDT EDUC 762 Assessment in E-Learning Online Course 3 semester hours graduate credit Instructor: Maggie Rouman Summer: 

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Fall session open for registration. 


E-Learning for Educators  – Enroll Today!

EDUC 760 900 September 5 – October 27, 2017
or EDUC 760 901 October 9 – December 1, 2017
  • Tuition is the same for Wisconsin residents, out-of-state and international students
  • No registration fee and no program application
  • E-textbook provided as part of course tuition
  • Enrollment is limited to 15 students per section

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Start learning to teach online this fall. EDUC 764 is our foundation class in the E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate. Try it! 

EDUC 660 Teaching for Creativity and Innovation: The Maker Culture and Makerspaces

Learn evidence-based instructional strategies and how to use tools (physical or virtual) to support building models, prototypes, inventions and innovations and encourage creative problem solving and team collaboration across a wide range of subject matters and all grade levels.

Applications of learning theory and assessment strategies will be employed to create K-12 interdisciplinary inquiry-based maker experiences.”

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Maker spaces and Maker Culture –  predicted to be one of the top 5 hot topics in edtech this year.

EDUC 655 Strategies for Dealing with Disruptive Behavior

Evidence-based preventive strategies, positive behavioral supports, effective interventions, and classroom management strategies for addressing problem behaviors, chronic noncompliance, ADHD-related issues, and disruptive conduct.

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This course is an approved elective in the Master of Science in Education online degree program. NOTE: You may enroll in this course to meet your goals for professional development, license renewal, or to complete graduate credits and transfer the credit to another university or reading certification program.

Resolve to Earn a Certificate in 2017 Classes Begin January 3 Register NOW!


Earn a graduate certificate in E-Learning and Online Teaching in as little as 10 months online with the University of Wisconsin Stout

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This time next year you could have your certificate and a new job. Set goals and get started. Register today: Graduate Certificate Homepage,

Assessment in E-Learning 3 Graduate Credits – 8 Weeks Enroll Today

EDUC 762 Assessment in E-Learning

January 3 – February 24, 2017 or February 27 – April 21, 2017

Enroll Today

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Some might think of online assessment as a dry topic. You’ll find this class anything but dry! This is a great course! Take the leap and register now. You won’t be sorry!

Instructional Design for E-Learning EDUC 763

EDUC 763 Instructional Design for E-Learning


January 3 – February 24, 2017

Online Course 3 semester hours graduate credit
Instructor: Dr. Susan Manning*

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This great class is almost full.  Register today. Start the new year with a bang (not a whimper)!

E-Learning Certificate Program: Getting the Graphics You Need

Find the best resources for appropriate images to enhance newsletters, instructional design projects, or training materials.

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Well researched resources from Online Teacher and Library Media Specialist Shannon Mersand.

Colin Christensen: Effective Online Teaching: Obstacles And Practices – eLearning Industry

If you are reading this article, you’re most likely a traditional face-to-face educator that seeks advice on how to shift from traditional tearning to eLearning. You won’t be surprised to hear that online teaching and learning is quickly taking over, and that you really need to adapt if you want to transition to this new(ish) trend.

Source: elearningindustry.com

Coline Christensen’s overview of effective online teaching practices is solid advice for novice and veteran online teachers.


(It was a nice surprise to see his recommendation for our E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate certificate as well!)

Get on the Path to Summer Online Professional Development Courses from UW-Stout

Hurry! Starting June 6th:
EDUC 651 Project-based Learning in the Flipped Classroom
Magdalene Rouman
06/20/2016 – 07/29/2016

EDUC 645 School-wide Positive Behavioral and Intervention Support
Shannon Mersand
06/13/2016 – 08/05/2016

EDUC 656 Bullying in Schools
Shannon Mersand
06/20/2016 – 07/29/2016

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Superb Online Classes this Summer! Plus Peer Review Resources — Join us!