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Video Dubbing Learning Activities for Students

“Although dubbing a video can be a great source of entertainment, it actually can be very educational as well. There are quite a few learning activities for students when they take a video, remove the original audio, and add their own narration.”

Source: www.controlaltachieve.com

What a great idea!  New to me. Sounds like a winner! 


Maryellen Weimer, PhD: As You’re Preparing the Syllabus. . .

The “find and replace” feature in Word quickly makes an old syllabus ready for a new course. Use it too many times and thinking about the course settles into a comfortable rut. Yes, we may change more than just the dates, but when was the last time we considered something beyond what needs to go on the syllabus? The literature answers that question with a few definitive conclusions and a host of possibilities. Here are some thoughts, offered with just a bit of provocation, in the hopes they might reenergize our thinking about the syllabus and what it can accomplish in the course, for students and for the teacher.

Source: www.facultyfocus.com

Excellent advice from  Maryellen Weimer, PhD.

Make your syllabus revisions into something more.


Google Classroom: Updated Group Docs Maker – Teacher Tech

To make the process of assigning students to groups and getting them going on editing the group’s template easier I coded an Add-on script: Group Docs Maker. This allows you to copy and paste your roster of students into the spreadsheet and automatically create a copy of a template for each group. Each group members name is automagically appended to the document title.

Source: www.alicekeeler.com

Here’s a clever timesaver when using Google Docs for collaboration from Alice Keeler. 

10 Tools for Your Students’ Creativity Toolbox

The Creativity Toolbox
Here are a few tools for your students’ creativity toolbox. Practice these techniques with students and they’ll begin to understand how to use them for themselves.

Source: www.edutopia.org

How many of these creativity tools have you used? Give your shelf a shot of new ideas.  Follow up!

Using Design Principles to Build a Culture of Innovation

This fall at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (aka the d.school)—where, until recently, I led the K12 Lab—we’re celebrating 10 years of exploring the role that design thinking can play in schools. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about building creative school cultures based on two essential design practices: changing your point of view and prototyping. Below are some of the most effective practices we’ve seen. 

Source: www.edutopia.org

Great ideas like these need to go viral.  Make it happen, share! 

Examining the Helicopter Professor Label

We can withhold the guidance and support that makes learning experiences positive and constructive. The more interesting question is how we know whether we are doing too much or not enough. It’s a question that applies to individual courses, the programs to which they belong, and within our institutions.

Source: www.facultyfocus.com

Successful build self directed learning skills. Knowing how long to wait before entering a discussion is as important as knowing how quickly you should answer an e-mail.  Creating independent learners should be an objective for every course we teach.