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Synchronous Online Classes: 10 Tips for Engaging Students

So how do you teach in this odd virtual space? How do you keep participants from descending into that peculiar passivity characteristic of conference calls? And how do you help students fight the constant temptation of momentarily clicking away from class? While virtual classes are not without challenges, there are, in fact, concrete steps you can take to run class sessions that are energetic, interactive, and productive.

Source: www.facultyfocus.com

10 tips to make your real time online meetings soar.

5 ways to adjust your teaching for online education

Teaching online requires rethinking your teaching methods to achieve your instructional objectives in a new environment. The technology involved in teaching online will also present you with new options, as well as new limitations.

Source: www.thebabbgroup.com

Fundamental principles for all online teachers.  Anything new here or you? 

Hello from the Other Side! A Student Perspective of Online Learning

I recently enrolled in an online doctoral program and now find myself in the role of an online student and not just an online instructor. I have learned so much from being on the “other side of the screen.” Here are five essential things to consider as you build successful online learning opportunities for your students.

Source: tlinnovations.cikeys.com

This anecdotal survey of what students what from their online teachers makes simple sense.  

Creating Authentic and Explanatory Videos – Teaching in Higher Ed

Creating Authentic and Explanatory Videos
By Bonni Stachowiak February 20, 2017 L

In this past week’s episode with Steven Michels, we both spoke about the importance of allowing for more authenticity in videos we create for class. I shared about the time I sneezed during one of my pencasts and how funny the students found it.

Source: teachinginhighered.com

Explanatory video is a powerful tool for online teaching. Learn more about it. 

TOPkit – Teaching Online Preparation Toolkit

The Teaching Online Preparation Toolkit (TOPkit) website is a comprehensive resource that provides the postsecondary community with the essential elements required to ensure a very high quality online faculty development program, including a sample course that may be imported into any learning management system and then customized. The links below walk you through a three-step process for planning, developing, and evaluating your program along with supporting resources.

Source: topkit.org

There is a lot of combined wisdom coming out of Florida. Indeed Florida educators have been pioneers in this field. The TopKit site provides quality resources and an active community of practice. 

School Isn’t The Movies: How To Unlecture Video Instruction

Videos can be a great way to deliver content learning to students. But how do you leverage video instruction to maximize learning? After all, school isn’t the movies.

Source: www.bamradionetwork.com

The author makes a great point: encouraging students to take notes while watching a video is pushing them toward inefficient multi-tasking.  Better to build in a pause with a thought provoking question!

Extending the Shelf-Life of Your Instructional Videos: Six Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Marie Norman, PhD  “…there are a number of small mistakes that can shorten the shelf-life of video unnecessarily, limit its reusability, and compel you to re-record sooner than you’d like. I know because I’ve made virtually all these mistakes myself!

Source: www.facultyfocus.com

Creating ‘Evergreen Video’ is the idea. Marier Norman offers find advice that will extend the life of our video presentations.  Time Saver! Don’t miss it!