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The Adjunct’s Lifestyle: The Need for Essential Moments of Unproductivity | Online Teaching Guest Blog | Blog

I work an average of 60 hours a week for my normal job (that’s being kind to myself) plus an additional 20 plus hours when I am teaching, and another 20 plus hours a week working on things like my side hustles, writing, researching, and yes looking for my next “opportunity”. Opportunities that are part of the adjunct’s lifestyle include looking or applying for more online teaching gigs, entrepreneurship/passive income ideas, conferences to submit papers to, and anything in general that theoretically will enhance my life. All these opportunities mainly for monetary and/or career enhancement in the hopes of achieving a more “free” and independent lifestyle.

Source: www.thebabbgroup.com

Here’s timely advice for those of you striving to make the adjunct lifestyle work.  Mindful moments really can recharge the batteries. 


PA012: Time Management Tips for Online Faculty

On this episode of the Professional Adjunct Podcast, we discuss time management strategies for faculty, particularly those who teach online.

Source: www.facultyfocus.com

I found that working from my home office was twice as efficient as working at school.  With strong time management skills you can get more done with the time you have.  Need some tips? Listen to this podcast!