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Synchronous Online Classes: 10 Tips for Engaging Students

So how do you teach in this odd virtual space? How do you keep participants from descending into that peculiar passivity characteristic of conference calls? And how do you help students fight the constant temptation of momentarily clicking away from class? While virtual classes are not without challenges, there are, in fact, concrete steps you can take to run class sessions that are energetic, interactive, and productive.

Source: www.facultyfocus.com

10 tips to make your real time online meetings soar.


Real Time + Time Shifted? Here’s a too to consider: Free Conference Calling

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Source: www.freeconferencecalling.com

Here’s a way to bring a real time connection to a time shifted online course.  

Elements I like about this system: Free, Conference Call is recorded as an MP3,  This is enough to temp me!