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Teacher Characteristics and Behaviors that Make a Difference

Teaching and learning. For decades, we focused almost exclusively on the teaching side of things. More recently, we’ve been paying attention to learning, and that’s a good thing. However, we shouldn’t be thinking about one without the other—they’re both important and inseparably linked

Source: www.facultyfocus.com

Read this article, even if you only scan the bullet list of teacher characteristics. This will get you thinking about your own classroom presence. 

Report: Educator Confidence in Technology Increasing — THE Journal

Sixty-five percent of educators expressed confidence in using digital technology in their classrooms, a 7 percent increase over last year, according to a recent survey commissioned by education and publishing company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH).

Source: thejournal.com

I’ve been using ED TECH since 1980.  Great to see the revolution is ongoing. ūüėé

Stunning market data predicts the future of online learning – eCampus News

Today’s colleges and universities know that online learning is a must for satisfying the learning demands of a rapidly changing student body. Now, recent market data exposes just how big the business of online learning really is, as well as how much it’s expected to grow in the near future, and which components of online learning are expected to bring in the most revenue.

Source: www.ecampusnews.com

It’s important to keep an eye on the horizon.  We are riding a huge wave of innovation. Keep balanced!

Special Issue: Social presence, identity, and online learning: research development and needs

Scholars across many disciplines have grappled with questions of what it means for a person to be and interact online. Who are we when we go online? How do others know we are there and how do they perceive us? 

Source: www.tandfonline.com

Excellent overview with solid references that will help speed your research on distance education issues.