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7 Questions Principals Should Ask When Hiring Future-Ready Teachers

“I’m fascinated by trying to look forward rather than looking at what schools look like now,” said Alan November during a presentation at the conference. November has long been invested in education, first as a teacher and now has a consultant and speaker. He suggests that to fundamentally change, education leaders need to define a new role for learners and then hire teachers who can help nurture those qualities. With that in mind, November proposes seven questions that he thinks should become standard in the interviewing and hiring process.

Source: ww2.kqed.org

I’ve been working with education technology since the 1980’s.  I can attest to the reality that schools (and teachers) are slow to change.  This article shows how principals can stack the deck when they hire ‘future ready teachers’. 


Lack of faculty time and training limits digital learning more than resistance does, study finds | Inside Higher Ed

A new survey of faculty members and administrators by Tyton Partners asserts that the use of digital instructional technologies, which it endorses, is facing “headwinds” in adoption by colleges and universities. The study identifies faculty take-up of digital courseware and other tools as among the leading impediments to their spread — but cites faculty members’ lack of time and the training they receive from their institutions as far bigger cause than their outright opposition.

Source: www.insidehighered.com

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EDUC 655 Strategies for Dealing with Disruptive Behavior

Evidence-based preventive strategies, positive behavioral supports, effective interventions, and classroom management strategies for addressing problem behaviors, chronic noncompliance, ADHD-related issues, and disruptive conduct.

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