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Evaluation Instruments and Good Practices in Online Education | Baldwin | Online Learning

After a review of the literature, twenty-eight evaluation instruments currently used to design and review online courses in higher education institutions were collected and divided into categories, based on geographical reach and the type of institution for which they were developed. This study investigates how evaluation instruments used in higher education assess the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education, and what other items are addressed in the evaluation of courses

Source: olj.onlinelearningconsortium.org

This is a research paper comparing 28 different evaluation instruments for assessing online courses.  


The Top 15 Traits Educators Need To Teach Successfully Online

What do you think it takes to be an online educator? Here are some replies from teachers and students who shared their vision from the US as well as internationally.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

I bet you already have the traits needed to teach online. Check out this list of dispositions that help an online teacher to thrive. 

Online Courses as Good as In-Person Classes

Future Bright for Online Education
The arguments offered in Jing Liu’s essay run counter to the validation online programs receive from regional accreditation, the U.S. Department of Education and the success students experience as graduates. As someone who has taught online classes since 1999 and managed the online program administration at my campus for 16 years, I am personally aware of the progress we have made, the quality of instruction we do achieve, the access door we have opened wider and the difference we have made in the lives of our students.

Source: www.insidehighered.com

Despite the naysayers, online education is working and thriving despite the disruption in other sectors of Higher Education. 

Perspective | I finally found a way to get students talking in class: Teach it online

Bill Bergman – A lecturer in marketing at the University of Richmond writes about his first experience teaching an online class, and the unexpected intensity of student participation.

Source: www.washingtonpost.com

Teaching online can be so satisfying when you build a community of practice and truly connect with your students. See how this first time online teacher found his way. 

Online Graduate Courses, Certificates and Degree for Teachers, Trainers and Community College Educators

Online Certificate Programs


E-learning and Online Teaching Certificate

Reading Teacher Certification

Reading Specialist Certification

Instructional Design Certificate

Mathematics Specialist Certificate

Source: www.uwstout.edu

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