Time to Dive in? A Chart of The Best Augmented Reality Apps to Use With Students

Augmented reality is making some huge inroads in the field of education. More and more teachers are incorporating this relatively new technology in their classrooms. Augmented reality is also redefining the notion of learning by adding a layer of interactivity, engagement and vividness to students learning experiences. Teachers have been using augmented reality in many varied ways and across different school subjects, this post from Edutopia provides some good examples in this regard. The success of AR in education is attributed to the increasing availability of mobile apps designed specifically to help learners leverage the power of AR in their learning.  Below are some very good AR apps to try out with your students. This is a work in progress and we will be adding more to the list in the future. Enjoy

Source: www.educatorstechnology.com

It’s fun to be on the leading bleeding edge of a new way of learning. AR and VR aren’t new. However, the tech and the moment for early classroom adapters has arrived.  Time to dive in?


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