Automation or empowerment: online learning at the crossroads | Tony Bates

The key question we face is whether online learning should aim to replace teachers and instructors through automation, or whether technology should be used to empower not only teachers but also learners. Of course, the answer will always be a mix of both, but getting the balance right is critical.


I curate digital information. To do so I build and employ filters that help me sift through to find the gold.


One very simple filter is “When Tony Bates Talks — Listen.


Love him or hate him. Agree or Disagree. He will get you thinking as he supplies historical context along with his thought provoking ideas.


3 thoughts on “Automation or empowerment: online learning at the crossroads | Tony Bates

  1. senguptaphysics

    Education has many aspects and online learning can only fulfill one area, basically which does not need a lot of innovation, critical thinking. In present day scenario that also is quite important. As for online education replacing teachers , I wonder, can a projector and power point replace teachers? What I mean is technology can only aid the teacher to improve the classroom experience not replace them.


    1. Wiredinstructor Post author

      If a teacher is trained in using online technologies they can reach their students with as much impact as they could in a face to face classroom. Don’t mistake the technology as the teacher. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, online classrooms can be even better than traditional classrooms.



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