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…the good news:  Our government edtech officials are convinced that librarians should play a role in curating the burgeoning number of open educational resources (they gave us several shout-outs and ensured we were there).  We made an impact.
But it was clear to our little group, that to the larger majority of the participants, we were not even on the OER radar.


Some OER background:

Launched in October, GoOpen is a U.S. Department of Education campaign founded with the belief that  educational opportunities should be available to all learners. Creating an open education ecosystem involves making learning materials, data, and educational opportunities available without restrictions imposed by copyright laws, access barriers, or exclusive proprietary systems that lack interoperability and limit the free exchange of information.


Thanks to Gordon Dahlby for the cogent commentary!
“Joyce has a nice article on OER.  Concerning observations, especially about the gathered groups knowledge of OER.

Certainly, we know some acquaintances who used to write/publish openly, even with clear Creative Commons monickers.  We’ve also seen individuals them move the resources and successor materials behind membership, paywalls, and pay for use teacher-developed materials sights.
As has been common since the 90’s, broken links and moved digital assets are a considerable challenge. It will prove interesting to watch the costs of replacing once open content when newly classified after updating. I may not occur.  
The question of moving copies on sight or into school clouds while doing version checking will also be interesting to watch. 
Will OER be the ‘living’ resources mentions so often in discussing ‘smart books;’ books/multi-media texts that are updated perpetually by the team of authors and bots loop through verification loops of any hyper-media/text referenced.  

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