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Donald Clark Plan B: 10 ways online learning can make you a BETTER teacher

Time and time again, when dealing with teachers and academics, who have been seriously involved in online learning, I have found that they gained enormously from the experience. They become better teachers.


Don Clark says it well.  Online teaching can help you become a better teacher.  This nicely detailed article will tell you how that happens.

 I’ve been teaching and learning online for 21 years and I’m still learning something new everyday.


e-Jobs: English Writing Online Adjunct – Eastern Oregon University

Minimum Qualifications
An MA or MFA in English or related field, demonstrated excellence in undergraduate teaching, and a strong commitment to underserved student populations.

U.S. Citizenship or current residence status is required. Commitment to excellence in teaching at the undergraduate level is required.

Preferred Qualifications
Teaching, experience, and/or scholarship appropriate to the course(s) needed. PhD in English or related field.


Online teaching is a natural extension of writing skills. Go on… apply! 

e-Jobs: Online Part-time Faculty, Mathematics – Columbia Southern University

Education and/or Experience

A master’s degree in Mathematics required. Doctorate degree strongly preferred.
Applicants who hold a master’s degree in a related mathematical discipline with at least 18 graduate credit hours in the math field may also be considered.

Experience in online university level teaching highly preferred.

A record of successfully engaging adult and/or nontraditional learners highly preferred.

The Institution will also consider competence, effectiveness and capacity, including related work experiences in the field, professional licensure and certifications, honors and awards, continuous documented excellence in teaching, or other demonstrated competencies and achievements that contribute to effective teaching and student learning outcomes.


Put your masters degree and 18 units in math to work teaching online.  If you have online teaching experience all the better. 

The school at Her Farm

This video is about Her Farm Update


You can volunteer to teach in Mankhu village in Nepal.  The school is one of the many volunteer opportunities at Her Farm, a remarkable female run organic farm that is changing the lives and futures of young women in Nepal.  Be part of something special. 

Volunteer today!

Flip Your Classroom Just in Time – A Beginner’s Guide

To understand why the flipped classroom is so revolutionary, we have to understand how it changes a basic task of education: echoing the knowledge and skill of the teacher in the students.


As you swim into the second half of the school year it might just be the right time to flip out! 


Click here to join Andy Puddicombe as he guides you through a ten-minute meditation, part of his “TAKE TEN” program. For more, read his book GET SOME HEADSPACE.


10 minutes a day to help your students become more mindful?

Surely you can find 10 minutes in a class day for HEADSPACE? What if you found that mindfullness allowed you to save 10 minutes a day of doing behavior discipline?  Nice trade out.