About Volunteering in Nepal

The Mountain Volunteer. Life-changing experiences is what we offer
The Mountain Volunteer was founded by Scott and Sunita as a natural outgrowth of their dedication and service to Nepal as The Mountain Fund our 501c3 charity. 

Scott MacLennan began serving in Nepal over a decade ago and established health clinics and hospitals in rural communities. In 2010 he was recognized for the Sir Edmund Hillary Medal for his service in Nepal. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to climb Mt. Everest, the world’s highest peak, which is located in Nepal. 

Sunita Subedi Sharma (MacLennan) was born and raised in Nepal. Her childhood memories are of persecution for having been born a daughter, rather than a son. Since early childhood she’s felt in the most personal and direct means, the oppression that women in Nepal face daily. Later, after suffering domestic abuse in an arranged marriage, she left that marriage and determined to dedicate her life to helping women and children in Nepal to have a better life. 

Together we invite you to be a part of our work, to join with us in helping women and children and improving lives for thousands in Nepal. 

Source: www.mountainvolunteer.org

Volunteer to work with people who have made a lifelong commitment to improve human rights and living conditions in Nepal.


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