Why is MIT ignorning 25 years of reseach into online learning? | Tony Bates

Tony Bates: “In my previous post, there were two sessions at the LINC 2013 conference that referred specifically to MIT’s own strategies for technology-enabled learning within MIT. These resulted in my asking the following question towards the end of the conference:

Why is MIT ignoring 25 years of research into online learning and 100 years research into how students learn in its design of online courses?

Source: www.tonybates.ca

It’s more complex that ‘nerds vs. educators’ but sometimes it does feel like the MOOC revolution is driven by the hardware & software with little regard for the hard won and deeply researched lessons learned since the days when online learning was considered the Devil’s stepchild.

Bate knows online learning as well as anyone on the planet. With the entrepreneur-tech-ed pundits listen?  Obviously not. 8-(


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