Personalized eLearning: A Customized Approach To Accelerated eLearning – eLearning Industry

The concept of “Personalization” can easily be understood from taking a closer look at some of the existing digital technologies that all of us use. For instance, from the browser that you use to roam the Internet, to the email and messaging systems that you use to stay connected with friends and family, to the digital boxes you use to watch TV shows and movies online – they all offer personalization and customization options.

However, when it comes to eLearning systems, “personalization” takes on a whole new meaning. Personalized eLearning is the act of customizing:

The learning environment (e.g. how the content appears to the learner – font sizes, colors, backgrounds, themes etc.)
The learning content itself (e.g. audio, video, textual, graphical etc.)
The interaction between facilitator, student and the learning content (e.g. mouse, stylus, tap/swipe, keyboard; e.g. using “Gaming”, Quizzes, Online discussions, Demonstrate-do-check-reinforce, Adaptive learning approaches, Tutorials)


In my work I concentrate most on the interaction between students and the interactions between facilitator and students. 


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