e-Jobs: Adjunct Online Faculty – Psychology – Statistics

Job Requirements

A PhD in Psychology (experience teaching statistics within psychology classes).
Communication skills -Must clearly convey information and ideas to others; demonstrates active listening skills.
One year of college level teaching experience.
Credibility-Acts in accordance with stated values; follows through on commitments; uses ethical considerations to guide values
Interpersonal Effectiveness-Ability to achieve results through people; sets goals that are acceptable and motivates people to reach them, and handles conflict in a constructive manner.
Judgment/Critical Analysis- Ability to make sound decisions based on analysis, knowledge, and experience; readily understands complex issues; develops solutions that effectively address problems.
Student and College Focused-Makes students and colleagues and their needs a primary focus; creates and/or implements student-focused processes or procedures
Professionalism-Participates in all activities in a collegial, ethical and responsible manner. Appropriately, constructively, and productively interacts with students, other faculty, administration and staff. Serves as a role model and representative of Argosy University

Source: www.higheredjobs.com

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