Stuck in the 90s: Online Course Design in Traditional Higher Education — The Synapse — Medium

by Dr. Keith Hampson is Managing Director, Client Innovation at Acrobatiq.@KeithHampson

“We know, for example, that students benefit from having regular opportunities to apply their knowledge as they are learn and then to receive immediate, meaningful feedback on their efforts. But, of course, it’s not possible for lone instructors to produce hundreds of learning activities for each course using the common approach to course design. And it’s even less feasible for the instructor to provide feedback to each and every student in real-time. Similarly, we know that students come to us with very different cognitive and educational baggage; educators have little opportunity to identify and respond to these differences.

But technology can, when built with a deep understanding of how students learn, meet both of these needs. We can build online courses that provide students with hundreds of opportunities to test their knowledge. Using scientifically-based learning analytics, we can provide each learner with immediate, context-specific feedback. We can build software that constantly responds to each student’s cognitive and educational differences and serves up activities that address these differences.”


 Stuck in the 90’s is a provocative way of looking at a massing online learning process that is continually changing. Keith Hampson describes a reality that veteran online teachers know well.  

Professionalizing the skill set needed to teach online and being open to team-design and team teaching approaches is an approach decision makers must be ready to fund if they want to remain competitive in online education. 


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