Technology Tools for Teachers: Green Screen in the Classroom

What is a green screen?
In film and video, a green background can be placed behind subjects being filmed. This allows a separately-filmed background to be added to the final video. Using a green screen is a fun way to enhance any video project. Filming in front of a green screen allows any project to be virtually transported to a new location or setting.

Why use a green screen?
There are many green-screen film projects that can enhance learning in the classroom. Using a green screen can make projects more fun, interesting, and effective. For example:


Back in the 90’s I had a green screen system and video editing equipment in my middle school Language and Technology classroom at Kingsbury Middle School at Lake Tahoe. Thanks to a very generous 10 k grant from Bill Cosby I put together a video studio that mesmerized by students. We had great, pre-digital equipment. Teachers today can put together a better system than I had for a 1/10th the price. 😎 Thank you Moore’s Law!


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