Online Adjunct Instructors Needed: University of Illinois at Chicago

Patient Safety Leadership ProgramQualifications:Instructors are expected to have a Master’s degree or higher in the discipline in which they are teaching and 3-4 years of experience in at least one of the following areas:* Patient safety and quality improvement* Healthcare leadership* Organization theory, culture and change – specifically related to the healthcare system* Healthcare risk assessment and risk management* Error disclosure* Communication strategies for patient safety success* Accreditation, regulatory, and legal issues in relation to the patient safety movement* Principles, models and practical methods for the economic evaluation of healthcare services* Process improvement strategies* Patient safety and quality improvement research methods/study design _(Ph.D. preferred)_

Patient Safety Leadership Program


This listing also mentions that “experience teaching in an online program is desired”.   Increasingly online teaching experience is an expected skill for new hires.  If you have that experience you have an edge.

If you need that experience, consider the UW-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate.  You’ll teach online at the graduate level as part of the e-learning practicum.   


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