On the Edge: Corinthian Colleges Inc. to Close

On a ‘Knife Edge’

Pressure to hold education companies accountable seems likely to continue. Mr. Mitchell, who is the department’s top higher-education official, signaled as much in his post on Sunday. What Corinthian students experienced “is unacceptable,” he wrote, and department officials “look forward to working with Congress in an effort to improve accountability and transparency in the career-college industry.”

Kevin Kinser, an associate professor at the State University of New York at Albany who studies for-profit colleges, said Corinthian’s precipitous fall from where the company was a few years ago “shows the knife edge that for-profit higher education is on.”

For-profit colleges “need a supportive regulatory environment to thrive,” Mr. Kinser wrote in an email to The Chronicle. “When that is gone, they don’t seem to have a lot of residual support to sustain their activities.”

Source: m.chronicle.com

Before you borrow money to finance your education do the research. Don’t get cut by corporate for-profit schools that help you max out your loans while over promising on job placements. 

Do the research. 


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