eJobs: edTPA scorers (Pearson)

edTPA Scorer Qualifications –
All scorers are recruited and selected because of their documented experience both with beginning teachers and with subject-matter content. The criteria for selecting and training scorers are rigorous and include:
expertise in the subject matter or developmental level of the teaching field (degree and/or professional experience);
teaching experience in that field (or experience teaching methods courses or supervising student teachers in that field); and
experience mentoring or supervising beginning teachers, or administering programs that prepare them.
edTPA Scorer Commitment –
Scorers must complete a training curriculum that includes about 19 to 24 hours of online modules, interactive web-based sessions, and scoring of several qualification portfolios. Face-to-face training opportunities are also being developed for some fields.
In addition to completing the training, scorers are expected to score a minimum of 8 edTPA portfolios within a month depending on the number of submissions. The total number of edTPA portfolios available to each scorer will vary based on the volume of candidate submissions.

Source: www.higheredjobs.com


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