Educators share how No Child Left Behind has affected their classroom | Colleen Flaherty |

Steve Eklund is a retired California teacher who has seen what overzealous testing can do in public schools.

“I used to love teaching,” said Eklund. “Four words drove me into retirement—No Child Left Behind. I could no longer attend to the needs and wants of my students. All I was supposed to do was to get them ready to take tests.”

Educators and public education supporters across the country are speaking out, emailing their legislators, sharing their stories and signing the ESEA petition to let Congress know one important message—the current Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), also known as No Child Left Behind, is not working.

Rather than closing achievement gaps and providing equal opportunities for all students, the focus has shifted from student learning towards testing, labeling and punishing schools.

Here are more stories of what No Child Left Behind has meant for teachers and their classrooms:

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I left the classroom just as NCLB was taking hold. I’ve worked with thousands of teachers doing online professional development. I’ve witnessed the erosion of moral and teaching spirit propagated by this disastrous legislation.  

It’s long past time for NCLB to be set aside. It doesn’t work, it never has worked.  The stories will break your heart.  


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