Save WritingFix until 2020!

The Story

WritingFix is an educational website I started back in 1999 to help inspire teachers who needed creative ideas for writing lessons. I worked with many of the best Northern Nevada teachers I knew to help them craft really good writing lesson ideas–all based on favorite mentor texts–, and those teachers’ lessons are all stored at WritingFix, where other teachers started to find and use them. We jumped from 2000 annual hits to over 1 million in less than five years, and that unexpected success required us to need our own virtual server that could handle that kind of online traffic.

At present, it costs about $1200.00 a year to keep the website on-line, and the site was fortunate to receive local sponsorship from our Northern Nevada Writing Project between 2004 and 2011, but that sponsorship has since disappeared because of federal cuts to the National Writing Project. My wife–Dena–and I have, since 2011, paid to keep the website online out of our own pockets. We have been happy to do so because teachers love the website’s lessons. However…

This past year has been financially hard on us because of medical bills for Dena, and I don’t think I can justify paying to keep the site online after this year. We’re paid up until June 2015, but that’s it. Over the years, we’ve had many users of the WritingFix website offer to donate funds to us to help affray the cost, but we never set up the ability to do that. We thought we’d try using this site after seeing an inspirational story on “Good Morning America.”

We are asking for just enough for us to renew the our domain name, and for the price of the virtual server until 2020.


If  you are a teacher who has used WritingFix you know it is an essential resource for teaching writing.  I know most teachers have to pinch the penny.  However this is a time to dig into your pocket and help Corbett and Dena Harrison keep this passion project alive until 2020!

I’ve helped!

Do it as a way of saying thanks for the 1000’s of hours of teacher time that’s been volunteered and captured on this wonderful website. 

~ Dennis ( Who started teaching with the traits and working with the Northern Nevada Writing Project BEFORE there was an Internet. 


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