Beyond Dropouts and Dabblers: A Broader View of Auditing MOOCs – mooc news and reviews

Posted by Charlie Chung on Aug 9, 2013 in CommentarySuccess Strategies

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There has been a great deal of discussion around the high drop-out (90% range) rates in MOOCs (and for the purposes of this article, I’ll concentrate on the xMOOCs, or those that are modeled on highly structured college courses). The first thing to note is that the sign-up process is so easy and devoid of commitment that “enrolling” might best be considered merely an indication of interest. However, even if you count the initial participants in other ways (those watching the first videos, stated intents to complete, etc.), there is no doubt that dropping out or disengagement is a significant phenomenon in most MOOCs


I like the term “auditing MOOCs”.  I vastly prefer to think of myself this way. (Much better than being a dabbling dropout.)  


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