Free Earth (Google Earth Pro that is) !

Most amazing of all, Google made this tool available for free. This despite an educational — and, let’s be honest, entertainment — value that’s virtually impossible to measure.

What you maybe didn’t know is that Google has long offered a Pro version of Earth as well, one that cost a hefty $399 per year. Now, however, you can get Google Earth Pro absolutely free.

First things first: The words “free trial” still appear in that URL, but as you’ll see when you click through to the sign-up page, “Sign up is no longer required for Google Earth Pro.” All you have to do is download the installer, run it, then sign in using your e-mail address (as your username) and license code GEPFREE.


Do you remember when Google Earth first came online?  I do!  What a thrill to see the world flowing across your screen.  My teenage kids would take over the machine to search the world (usually starting with the location of our house).  

It was a thrill then, it’s a thrill now.  Free Google Earth Pro. (Free is of course a relative term that we could philosophize over– with Google you pay in data, not coin.  At least for now! 


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