Will Online Team-Teaching Work For You?

JOLT: Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

Michelle Scribner-MacLean
University of Massachusetts Lowell 
Graduate School of Education 
Lowell, MA USA

Heather Miller
Richard Riley School of Education 
Walden University, USA 


A co-teaching online environment has the potential to help more efficiently meet the needs of online learners and provide greater satisfaction for instructors. A well-trained pair of instructors can complement each other, meeting student needs in a timely manner, as well as providing students with the opportunity to view topics from different perspectives, and to gain more in-depth feedback about their work. Specific strategies for a successful online co-teaching experience, including: how to create a successful online learning community; achieve effective course management; provide systematic, in-depth assessment of student learning; and providing timely feedback will be addressed. Methods to improve upon one-another’s teaching strengths will be introduced as well as building community between your peer co-teacher and students.

Keywords : co-teaching, team teaching, online teachin

Source: jolt.merlot.org

I’ve had the chance to team-teach with a number of interns at UW-Stout. I’ve also worked in other venues as part of a teaching team.  I (almost) always enjoy the experience.  Extra eyes on the class, a variety of perspectives and ideas; it all adds up to a value added learning and teaching experience for all. 


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