Alan Campbell: Relevance and The UW-Stout e-Learning Certificate

Alan Campbell: 

My mind was restless and I was looking for my next challenge. I received an email from Joan Vandervelde promoting an E-learning and Online Graduate Certificate. I read the fine print and decided the program would enhance my ability to support a blended classroom. By the end of my first course, I had started my own website and blog. In all of the courses, the interaction between students and instructors has been tantalizing. The exposure to new resources, at times overwhelming, has been exciting. The experience has been both humbling and fulfilling. My mind is left to ask, “What’s next?” 


Alan is currently enrolled in the E-Learning Practicum. This blog entry started out as a reflection on the relevance and impact of the UW-Stout’s E-Learning Graduate Certificate program. Alan is a powerful teacher; online, blended or face to face.  His commitment to life long learning jumps off the page.  

Read his blog: the simple teacher.  You will be glad you did!


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