Optometry & Health Sciences Librarian – HigherEdJobs

Job #JPF00635 
Recruitment Period

Open Jan 8, 2015 through Dec 31, 2015

Hiring range: Associate Librarian – Librarian, $60,684-

$83,674 per annum, based upon qualifications.

This is a full time appointment. The expected start date is June 1, 2015.

The University of California, Berkeley seeks a collaborative and service-oriented librarian to provide research, teaching and learning support to the UC Berkeley community in optometry, ophthalmology, vision science, nutrition, health sciences, and medical sciences and to develop, promote, and enhance access to library collections.

Source: www.higheredjobs.com

I worked my way through school working in the UC Berkeley Library system. It gave me a life long affinity for Libraries, information science, and the beauty of the stacks.  The great privilege of (other than the chance to do my homework after I’d shelved all the returns) was a ‘stack pass’ that let me roam through spaces denied to most students. Those manuscript rooms were amazing. The hidden places remains a fine memory today.  

Perhaps one of the readers of this Scoop.it will find their way into those same places?


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