EasyBib Compares Two Years of Information Literacy Data

Students’ confidence radically mismatches librarians’ assessment of their skills, two reports from EasyBib conclude, particularly in website evaluation, paraphrasing, and direct quotation. Also, students are using the open web less often they were two years ago, and dramatically more librarians are stressing the role of faculty in promoting information literacy. The first report, Trends in Information Literacy: A Comparative View, was published in May 2014; the second, Perspectives on Student Research Skills in K-12 and Academic Communities, came out the following October; taken together, the two reveal some thought-provoking data on information literacy across the country.

Source: lj.libraryjournal.com

As a classroom teacher I found teaching students how to paraphrase to be a very steep hill to climb.  Many never budged from the first steps on the learning curve. This graph helps us visualize the mis-match between student self assessment and the assessment of experts.  

To speak to this issue Dr. Carl Heine developed a challenging and highly effective online game that challenges misconceptions about paraphrase and plagiarism. To sample this no so simple tool The the Plagiarism Dropbox from 21CIF.com.


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