Harold Jarche: uber-proof your labour – Can Teaching be ‘Uberized’?

Harold Jarche “Platform capitalism is beginning to define the economy for the second Gilded Age we seem to be entering. It requires 4 contributing factors, which when combined, create a perfect opportunity for the “uberization” of almost any industry…

…Any work that can be billed by the hour is probably a commodity. Any work that can be standardized is a commodity in the eyes of platform capitalists. Any work that can be represented as a flowchart, and eventually put into a software program, is a commodity.

What’s left is work that is creativeSolving complex or wicked problems is another area for human workDealing with people as individuals, requires human compassion and empathy.”  (emphasis mine – doconnor)

Source: jarche.com

Horold Jarche always gets me thinking.  Thanks Harold for provoking the question: Can teaching be ‘uberized’?

Can the art we’ve practiced and evolved become something parceled out via an app to anyone with a demand?  

There is no doubt that much can be learned without a teacher. Mobile learning is real and useful. On demand apps & and the endless supply of YouTube How-To videos can provide us with process knowledge as soon as we come up with a keyword search. 

In a world where information is just a few ‘taps’ away, all we need is the education to turn information into knowledge. 

As an online teacher I specialize in creating environments that promote self-directed learning.  I’ve shifted my stance from teacher to guide. My work is to help my students become independent thinkers, learners, and teachers.

Could very clever programming put me out of work? Perhaps.

However,  I believe (based on many years of online teaching experience) that my empathy and compassion for my students can be delivered in a very real and meaningful way via the technologies I teach ‘in’.  I doubt that there will be an app for that. 

If someday we can each have our own on demand, mobile and empathetic AI Mentor that develops our capacity to truly learn, then the world becomes a more educated place and everyone wins.  

Until then, a new semester is about to being and I’ll be teaching online with all the skills at my command. 😎 ~ Dennis


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